VB Script permision denied when deleting file


I have a script that moves a file from 1 location to another then deletes the file from the folder the file was moved from.

The copy\move works but when it hits the line to delete the file i get an error thrown:

Permission denied.

I have set the folder to full rights (set to everyone with full permission) and also the the file itself but i still getr the error.

heres the code

' Move the text file to "Processed" by first copying across and then deleting from "ConvertXML" Folder
   strFile = strPath & "\ConvertXML\" & strName
   If FSO.FolderExists(strPath & "\ConvertXML\Processed\") Then
     FSO.CopyFile strFile, strPath & "\ConvertXML\Processed\",True

'This next line fails with 'Permission denied'
       FSO.DeleteFile (strPath & "\ConvertXML\" & strName), DeleteReadOnly
   End If
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Bill PrewCommented:
Could the file be opened by another process?

Can you delete it from either a DOS command prompt, or Windows Explorer?

wilko1000Author Commented:
When i close the script i can delete the file using right click delete
Bill PrewCommented:
Okay, can you post the full script please.  It sounds like you may have opened the file for writing in the script, but not closed it yet?


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wilko1000Author Commented:
Hi Bill

I found out what it is.

I had set the file for reading....

Set oTS = FSO.OpenTextFile(File.Path, ForReading, True, TristateFalse)
    strFileData = oTS.readall

but not closed it.

Adding this line in...


Allowed the script to delete the file.

Simple things Bill, always the simple things, thanks for your help and ful points on its way
wilko1000Author Commented:
Analysis and root cause was spot on
Bill PrewCommented:
Great, glad that thought was helpful, and glad you located the problem, thanks for the feedback.

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