Desktop Slide Show keeps failing

I have a folder that contains a collection of photos that I want to use as a desktop slide show. I got to Personalise>Desktop Background Slide Show>Select All>Change Picture Every 10 Seconds>Save Changes and it all works perfectly until I put the computer to sleep. When it wakes up I have to repeat the process, otherwise it just displays one of the photos and the slideshow is gone. I've tried saving a theme but all it does is changes from the saved theme to Unsaved Theme and it's back to one photo.

I am running Windows 7 Home Premium.

Is there a fix?
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Jackie ManIT ManagerCommented:
Have you played around with the power settings?

 "search "Power Options" Without the quotes in the search bar or Control Panel>Hardware and Sound>Power Options.

Click "Change Plan Settings" (recommended have Balanced or High Performance checked), then click "Change Advanced Power Settings"

Under Desktop Background Settings and Slideshow, make sure it reads "Available" and not "Paused""

Lionel MMSmall Business IT ConsultantCommented:
It has been my experience that sleep does affect personalization settings, not just background. Only way I can get it back to "normal" is to log off and then back on again.

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Rob4077Author Commented:
Hi Jackie Man and Lionelmm, the settings are correct - it's just that it keeps resetting itself. I have a Windows 8 tablet that has similar settings  but it works fine. I think it Lionelmm is experiencing similar issues. Could I perhaps set up a VB Script that loops continuously and reinstalls my named theme, though I would need help to set that up too.
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Lionel MMSmall Business IT ConsultantCommented:
So are you saying the win7 and win8 are both set with the same screensaver files and settings and one works and the other does not? you have both set to go to sleep at x amount of inactivity?
Rob4077Author Commented:
Sorry for o comments but I think my PC has a few more problems to address. I tried a system restore and it won't work. I plan on raising another question about that and once that's been addressed I'd like to come back to this one if it's still a problem. I just don't know how to temporarily park a question
Lionel MMSmall Business IT ConsultantCommented:
Have you done hardware diagnostics yet to test those?
Rob4077Author Commented:
No, need to do some homework on how to do that but I am going away for a week so it's going to have to be when I get back. Fortunately my wife bought exactly the same model laptop so hopefully I will be able to work out some way of reloading Windows from that onto my PC without losing all my loaded software.
Lionel MMSmall Business IT ConsultantCommented:
what is the make and model? most these days allow you to hit either F9 or F11 or maybe 12 and choose to reinstall Windows--however using that option will erase all your data. Some newer models have an additional options to "refresh" Windows which will not erase your user settings and data but in both cases you will have to reinstall any programs or apps. The best solution IMHO is to get an external drive and backup all your data to it, reformat your Hard drive and reinstall Windows. You can get external drives for less than a $100 anywhere; I recommend Seagate or Western Digital and get ones with the 3 years warranty. It is a good idea regardless so that if your or your wife's system every dies you have copies of your data. It is relatively easy to reinstall Windows and programs but almost impossible to recover lost data--that is the critical stuff and that is what you should backup daily. You can then also do backups of your entire system one a week or once a month.
Rob4077Author Commented:
Thanks for the suggestions. Backing up data is not an issue.  My concern is finding the activation codes for the software I bought over the net. I have a Lenovo e320 ThinkPad with windows 7 home edition.  Its the f8 key that brings up the support menu but as I am now working from my mobile phone till I get back I won't be able to see if it has the refresh option you mention.

In view of the time frame should I close the question for now?
Lionel MMSmall Business IT ConsultantCommented:
You can wait if you want to or reopened a new questions if you encounter any issues when your reinstall--it is up to you
Rob4077Author Commented:
I am struggling to catch up and need to get my machine running right before giving more thought to the screen background so I am closing the question and as soon as I get a bit of time I will try to reconfigure my machine. Thanks for your help, I will share points based on comments as all of your comments were helpful
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