Unable to get Domino 9 Repeat AllDay Calendar Event via C&S API

I am extracting Calendar entries from a domino 9 mail database, I am able to access repeat meeting entries via the recurrence-id which uses a format like RECURRENCE-ID:20150520T140000Z and using cale.getasdocument(0,recurid)
but when I try with allday events the RECURRENCE-ID is like RECURRENCE-ID;VALUE=DATE:20150520 and when I use the 20150520 in the getasdocument no document is returned.
I have turned on CSDebug=1 in the notes.ini and no errors have been reported
can someone explain what I am missing
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Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
Experience? ;-)

I have yet to do my first steps with the new API, but maybe some explanation of the Repeat Event might help. There is one parent Event, and there are n child /response Event documents, one for every event. It might be cheating, but once you have the parent Event document, can you get the responses to that document, using the API?

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NeilJohnEvansAuthor Commented:
Thanks Sjef,
Still not sure if it is a bug but I used your idea and read the main entry then used the repeatids field to get the unid of the others
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