Calling twice or more expect script /alternatives

I have two unix scripts, the first scrip calls a second one which contains several expect/send commands, (it has been modified, as it was working before without the expect). It works fine for the first time the expect script is being called, but can i call it several times? It does some kind of search from a remote machine... and tries to find some files.

This is the first (main) script, and the sentences where it calls the second one (as it is now) :

ferror=`./ 2>&1 | grep Error_1234_$yesterday | grep -v ".done" | cut -c34-42`
echo "Error File size:" $ferror


fs1=`cat ./salidaftp | grep 01_$today | grep (blah blah) `
fs2=`cat ./salidaftp | grep 02_$today  | grep (blah blah)`
fsd1=`cat ./salidaftp | grep .03_$today | wc -l`
fsd2=`cat ./salidaftp | grep .04_$today| wc -l`

fee=`cat ./salidaftp | grep 07_$today| wc -l`

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salidaftp has no value now, but before it would be storing the next info from the second script:

  rm salidaftp
  rm errorftp
  chmod 777 salidaftp
  chmod 777 errorftp

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Where the second script (sftpER_v1) contains:

#!/usr/local/bin/expect -f

spawn sftp user@ip

expect "password:"

send -- "pass\r"

expect "sftp>"
send -- "cd ../../a/b/\r"
expect "sftp>"
send -- "ls -l\r"
expect "sftp>"
send -- "cd ../../c/d/\r"
expect "sftp>"
send -- "ls -l\r"
expect "sftp>"
send -- "quit\r"

expect eof

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Before using the expect, it would contain the same info but just without the expect/send. Somehow i think it stored locally in a temp file the content of those folders in the remote server, and makes some greps over it in the main script.

Can i call the expect twice or more? if not, how can i make these sentences work???
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I'm not sure if I fully understand what you're after.

Of course you can call a script from another script as often as you like.

I think the culprit is that the expect script does not write to salidaftp.

You could  run it once (i.e. a second time in the main script) to have salidaftp created,
or call it as often as needed to populate the variables fs1, fs2 etc. without creating a file (salidaftp).

The first solution would just consist of adding a new call to the expect script at line 8 of the main script:

./ > salidaftp 2>&1
fs1=`cat ./salidaftp | grep 01_$today | grep (blah blah) ` # as already present in the main script!
fs2= ... ...

The second solution would consist of modifying the way the variables are filled:

fs1=`./ 2>&1 | grep 01_$today | grep (blah blah) `
fs2=`./ 2>&1 | grep 02_$today  | grep (blah blah)`
fsd1=`./ 2>&1 | grep .03_$today | wc -l`
fsd2=`./ 2>&1  | grep .04_$today| wc -l`
Are you having a problem calling expect a second time?
What did the second script contain before it contained expect?
I have to leave for round about three hours now, sorry.

I'll be back!
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celticianAuthor Commented:
I understood i couldn't call twice the expect, i did call it and it seemed to work... but im not sure if this is correct or shouldn't be this way.

In theory it is working now (i have set the calls to the expect script)... But im not sure there can be any problem in the future, thats why i ask :)

ill read the answers tomorrow, so take your time.
Unless the expect script would modify something on the remote side
so that the results of subsequent calls would be different from the results of previous calls
there's no reason to get worried.

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celticianAuthor Commented:
Oh ok thanks, somehow i understood i couldn't make multiple calls. Its working now flawlessly :)
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