Currrent what smart phone provides the best price / feature combinations ?
Anthony LuciaAsked:
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Tony PittCommented:
There's no simple answer to that question, Anthony.  It depends on too many different things!

The first issue is that "best price / feature combination" is very subjective - different people will view this very differently.  To me, the camera on a phone is almost useless because I already use a camera with much better features; to someone who wants to take pictures and who doesn't have a camera already, the camera will be very important.

Next, if you are a Mac or iPad user and you want to integrate your smartphone with your laptop or tablet, then the answer is almost certainly an iPhone.  If you only use your smartphone to make phone calls, then a very simple (non-smart!) phone will be the best price/feature combination.  

Assuming you already have a smartphone of some sort, then you are likely to get the "best features" from the same operating system as your existing one, because you'll judge features by what you already know and use.  Likewise, if you want to be able to migrate content from an existing smartphone.

Sorry, this isn't all that much help.  If you want independent reviews of smartphones, then try something like, though to get to the detail you have to become a member.

Kyle SantosQuality AssuranceCommented:
It would be helpful for us to recommend you some options if you tell us what your needs are, what you like or don't like about your current phone and so on.
Anthony LuciaAuthor Commented:
I am sorry, I should not have used the term price.

I am not interested in a camera, etc.  

I would like to read QR codes, read and send texts on a large screen, and use modern apps (as opposed to the old fashiioned phones).  I do not necessarily need to merge services with my Winddows Desktop, but I need to be able to communicate in a modern fashion (but not necessarily have bleeding edge apps)

Does this help ?

Tony PittCommented:
To use QR codes, you need a camera, though not a high resolution one!

Personally, I use an HTC Desire 610C which is an Android phone that would do everything you require.  I obtained it free on my phone contract.  (I'm in the UK - if you're in a different country, you may not have that option.)  It's been reliable and it's quick enough for my requirements.  Like you, I don't watch streamed videos on the phone, or anything intensive like that.

The Which? report that I posted a link to above reckons that the best "budget smartphone" - I think that's the category of their reviews that your usage would fall into - would be the Samsung Galaxy Mini 4.  However, that review was in March 2014, so things may have changed.  Personally, I don't like Samsung - my wife had a different Samsung smartphone and had no end of problems with it.  She even had the smartphone replaced by the shop she got it from, but it still didn't work  very well.  In the end, you have to make the decision and then live with what you've got!


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