Query only working sometimes

By below query is only working sometimes. Is there a better way of stating the "WHERE" line? It usually works once, but when I click through forms it stops working. I can't figure out when it properly reads the where and when it doesn't. All I know is it isn't consistent.

SELECT [Memo List Table].MemoNumber, tblOfficePhones.SalesPhone, OfficeWorkers.First, [Memo List Table].MemoEmail
FROM ([Memo List Table] INNER JOIN tblOfficePhones ON [Memo List Table].Area = tblOfficePhones.Area) INNER JOIN OfficeWorkers ON [Memo List Table].TalkedFirst = OfficeWorkers.Last
WHERE ((([Memo List Table].MemoNumber)=[Forms]![MemoForm949]![MemoNumber]));

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When are you running the query?  The Where clause will only see the current record of MemoForm949 and so it never sees more than one value of MemoNumber at each execution.
cansevinAuthor Commented:
Ok... it just doesn't seem to always read the form. Could it be because it is a subform? It shouldn't be a subform... but it may be because of past redesigns.
cansevinAuthor Commented:
It works properly... then I close it. Go to a new record on a form. And then it pull us no data.
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WHERE ((([Memo List Table].MemoNumber)=[Forms]![MemoForm949]![MemoNumber]));
This will be  a static value, read from the form when the query executes.

but when I click through forms it stops working.
That's pretty general :)
I suspect you mean that "when I navigate the form, the data supplied by this query isn't changing, and I want it to."

If this query is powering a subform, the WHERE clause is redundant.  It is the master/child relationship that needs to be set up between whatever field [Forms]![MemoForm949]![MemoNumber] is and its equal on the subform.

If this query is powering a ListBox or ComboBox, then the form's Current() event needs
in it.
The reference in your code is to a main form so I hope that is where MemoNumber is.  But I still don't have a clear picture of what you are doing.  Exactly when do you run the query?  Is the query the RecordSource for a subform or report?
cansevinAuthor Commented:
Ok.. first I'll explain the issue a little more.

When I open the query, it usually works fine. It reads the MemoNumber of the current MemoForm949. Then if I click to a new form record... which clearly has a different memo number and I try to run the query again. It doesn't read the new form that is open. When I open the query it has no data. It want it to always pull up the data from the MemoForm949 that is currenlty open.

It is used to pull information in an email. Later I have an email written that pulls information with DLookups from that query.

I hope that clears the fog. My guess I am doing something very stupid and wrong.
When I open the query it has no data.
The first question to ask is "should it have data with this criteria?"
After all, if the value of [Forms]![MemoForm949]![MemoNumber] is say, -1, and no [Memo List Table].MemoNumber has that value, your query is working properly by not returning any records.

Now, if the value of [Forms]![MemoForm949]![MemoNumber] is something that equals values in [Memo List Table].MemoNumber and you get no records -- then there's some syntax issues.

To troubleshoot, in the form's Current event put in
MsgBox Nz(Me.MemoNumber, "It's Null")
Navigate the form.
Are values you expect being msg'd?
In the query, replace
with the values shown by the MsgBox, and see what happens
Do you get the data you expect?

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cansevinAuthor Commented:
Thanks Nick... you are onto something with the 2nd part. When I type the form memo number in there... it still comes up.

You are a genious. Just figured it out. THanks!
Naw, I'm just Sage at the moment.
In another 65K points, well then I will be a certified genius.

Glad you figured it out.
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