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Consider the following table structure:
Group_Code (INT) Prod_Code(INT) TestPoint(SMALLINT)Test_Date(DATETIME) ExportID(INT)

Group_Code,Prod_Code, TestPoint and Test_Date are the primary key.

The exportID could be entered multiple times. For example:

Group_Code  Prod_Code TestPoint Test_Date  ExportID
23456                78654           1            15 Jun 14    12345
23456                78654           2            15 Jun 14    12345
23456                78654           3            15 Jun 14    12345
23456                78654           4            15 Jun 14    12345
23456                78654           1            17 Jul 14     23456
23456                78654           2            17 Jul 14     23456
23456                78654           3           17 Jul 14      23456
Same Group_Code same Prod_Code but different Test_Date generates a different ExportID.
Is there a way that I can select a random 10percent of the export ids together with the other columns in the table. There could be in excess of 100 rows containing the same ExportID and I would need to gather all of the 10percent. So if one of the random percent was 12345, I would neeed to be able to select all 4 rows with that ExportID.

Any guidance would be appreciated.
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Guy Hengel [angelIII / a3]Billing EngineerCommented:
yes, doing this in "2 steps":
first, get the random 10 percent export ID's, and join that back to the main table to get the rest of the data.
for example, something like this:
select t.*
  from yourtable t
where t.ExportID in ( select top 10 percent exportid from ( select exportid  from yourtable group by exportid  ) sq order by newid() )

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Morpheus7Author Commented:
Hi Guy,

Many thanks for your reply, that's great. Just one thing, what is the significance of sq just before the order by.

Guy Hengel [angelIII / a3]Billing EngineerCommented:
the "sq" is the alias to the subquery
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