broadcom nic team server 2008r2 dumb switches want a fault tolerant setup

I have an sql 2008 r2 server on a dell 2950 running server 2008r2 os.
I am trying to allow for a single network cable to be pulled without interruption to the  SQL services.
is this possible?

I am currently allowing a NIC team on the on board broadcom NICs using the software provided by broadcom..
I was comfortable in my setup and try ed to re run a trunk...not the wire directly connected to the server... the services went down

PCA, nic1-------------- [dumb switch 1]
                                                | <---the wire I re routed.
                                   [dumb switch 3] --------------------- workstations
PCA, nic2---------------[dumb switch 2]

Is the fail-over strictly state biased? i noticed within the setup their was a way to have an adapter ping a server and if it could not it would fail over, but that required each adapter to have its own ip..... is that heartbeat / ping bypas the virtual adapter? and will my sql server still only use the virtual adapters ip to listen?

A step by step, tell me like im 6 explanation would be appreciated.
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Patrick BogersDatacenter platform engineer LindowsCommented:
Lol NIC teaming explained to a 6 year old.... sounds like a challenge.

When you configure a NIC team the windows OS creates some kind of Virtual NIC which controls these 2 fysical NICS.
Your IP config will live in the virtual NIC (1 ip for 2 NICS makes sense right?)

Not sure if you need to config this in Broadcom but from my experience i need to configure teaming mode as switch-independent or sometime as LACP (discard the last if you dont know what it is)

Does this make sense to you ? :)
csePixelatedAuthor Commented:
So far it all makes sense, Im out of the office right now, however some time tomorrow i will post screenshots of some of the things i am talking about.....

I understand the IP config lives in the virtual NIC, however that still did not explain why the sql server was unreachable from our workstations software when one leg was pulled..... Is the failover reliant on link status?
The virtual nic has its own mac address as well right? is it possible that my dumb switches are unable to list the 2 paths as options?
Patrick BogersDatacenter platform engineer LindowsCommented:
Hi again,

Yes the virtual NIC has its own mac address, in fact.... when you run ipconfig /all you will notice the fysical NICs do not have mac addresses anymore.
In teaming controls (properties of the team in broadcom app) you need to figure out how you are teaming. Defaults should be working here.

Just make sure it is not load balancing with e.g. round robin.

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