Tools for data discovery and event logging

I need to step up security measures to be in compliance with HIPAA and other regulations.  I need to be able to monitor and log activity on our network that may indicate a potential security breach.  I also need to be able to scan for electronic patient health information (ephi), which would be unencrypted file contents that contain such things as social security numbers, credit card information, date of birth, address, medical coding references, etc.
What can I use to do this?
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btanExec ConsultantCommented:
Centrally have a correlation engine to alert upon anomalous activities which include
E.g. Potential symptoms  of date leakage, exfiltration, perpetrator intrusion and insider threat use case.
E.g. Sources of such symptoms comes mainly from syslog and event log comes from your sensors "planted" in
E.g. Client machine, server systems, web proxy, perimeter firewall, network ips/ids, host ids/ips, and even core router and switches .
E.g. Type of log include netflow to better contextualise with the various segment sources. They typically demaracates the network segment wrt to functional roles e.g. admin, finance, IT, security, DMZ.

The main focus are in scoping applicable entity "touching" personal health records or information (PHI) stores, PHI in transit and PHI in use. They are the target source in scope for HIPPA compliance.
E.g. Spin off eDiscovery is good start to scavenge on top of your current inventory tracking (most used wrtt to CMDB) as there cna be multiple project owners' system interfacing to the central PHI store which they also need to be included.
E.g. Target entry / exit point as source to have sensor to collect those log as well

Some tools for considerations
e.g. Try out this test sample
 i was also thinking besides being positive testing, the coverage gauge should have the test set having below "variety"
- formatted SSN (in the form NNN-NN-NNNN, where N is any number from 0-9)
- unformatted SSN (in the form of NNNNNNNNN, where N is any number from 0-9, simply removes '-')
 - invalid as SSN (in the form of faked SSN's and invalid sequences like 123-45-6789 or full sections containing all 0's)
 - proximity matches such as a leading or trailing value (SSN, SS#, etc.)

Side track I se incident handling is key as well and asking savvy qns as part of the discovery of the overalll strategy

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You can use Splunk for logging collection and event correlation.  You can also configure it to look for specific events/log messages and then send alerts (SNMP traps or e-mails)
btanExec ConsultantCommented:
Splunk free text search and speed to scale out in search engine is indeed handy. besides technology, likely process should be in place to ensure data integrity and even at times to make it as evidence admissible. consider minimally -
-Perform a daily log review process,include key word search with meta-data to streamline the search space,
-Explore network forensic system to intercept raw packet to augment log monitoring,
-Account for all included Enterprise systems and access rights of account esp privileged user, and their associated audit trail are enabled (ensure format supported by backend)
-Perform regime for on-going audit on mandated procedure, esp in transfer of evidence and proper seizure,
-Govern and watch over for proper transfer of digital evidence during a seizure.
madunix (Fadi SODAH)Chief Information Security Officer Commented:
I do splunk for logs  and data correlation Splunk ; you could also check
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