Access 2013 add a line break or a carriage return in an expression

Using Access 2013 Web App. (very successfully.)

Designing queries that dump to Excel for reporting.

There are some name and some address fields being concatenated.  Need a line break or carriage return to format the result in Excel on multi-line.
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Kelvin SparksCommented:
As you concatenate, try doing this

Select Name, Address1 & vbCRLF & Address2 & vbCRLF & Address3 from yourtable

VirtualKansasAuthor Commented:
Just a note; this Access 2013 Web App; doesn't like anything about the syntax of your suggestion?
VirtualKansasAuthor Commented:
Concat([FirstName],& vbCRLF,[LastName])

Comlaint is & is invalid text
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Kelvin SparksCommented:
OK, I didn't relise it was the Web App. I personally don't use them as I don't like data macros.

What I suggested was VBA for Access desktop.

Scott McDaniel (Microsoft Access MVP - EE MVE )Infotrakker SoftwareCommented:
Personally I think you're better off dumping the raw data into Excel and doing your formatting there.

Comlaint is & is invalid text
Not sure what you mean here, but if you're saying the ampersand is invalid, try using the + sign.
VirtualKansasAuthor Commented:
Invalid field name vbCRLF when using + instead of &
VirtualKansasAuthor Commented:
So, found a suggested workaround; create a utility table in access web app, with a long text field.  Then past a carriage return in the field.  Then reference that field in the formula.  Cool idea, but Excel is just returning the new field as text.
VirtualKansasAuthor Commented:
And to your credit Scott, if I compound the &CHAR(10)& in an Excel concatenation formula (do the formatting in Excel) and word wrap, does achieve the desired effect.  Just a sadness since many existing reports could have benefited if I could embed the carriage return into the Access query.
WebApp & vbCRLF are likely not going to play given the webapps are VBA-free

There are a number of just gross workarounds, but for your purposes, probably the best is to put vbCrLf into a dummy table's field and then JOIN the dummy table in and concatenate the vbcrlf field in where you need it.
VirtualKansasAuthor Commented:
Is there a way to embed the carriage return (line feed, whatever needed) in the new table long text field that Excel will see as not just another text entry?
It looks like Excel wants only vbLf or CHAR(10), and the cell must have 'wrap text' properties set in order for that to work.
No wrap text, no joy.

Note that when you are creating the dummy table, you are not putting "CHAR(10)" in there.  That's a string of 8 characters.
You are looking to get a line feed in there.
That's hard to do!

I got one in via an update query by updating the dummy field to Chr(10)
You may need to do that from desktop Access.

I can get it to happen, now in Desktop Access.
I created table1 for the dummy field, and used an update query to get Chr(10) in there.  I threw in a couple text records and a field to concatenate them

When I punch the whole table out via TransferSpreadsheet, it doesn't look good -- until I turn on wrap text for TheConcat, and then it is good

Macros are no fun, but here is VBA that works strictly with fields to get it done

Dim rs As Recordset
Dim theValue As String
Set rs = CurrentDb.OpenRecordset("select * from table1", dbOpenDynaset)
Me.Text2.Value = ""
With rs
    theValue = !thetext

    Do Until rs.EOF
        Me.Text2.Value = Me.Text2.Value & !thetext & theValue
        !theconcat = Me.Text2.Value
End With
DoCmd.TransferSpreadsheet acExport, acSpreadsheetTypeExcel9, "table1", "c:\temppdf\temp.xls", True

Open in new window

You should be able to get something similar to work with macros.
The key is actually getting that Chr(10) into a field.
Then paste a carriage return in the field.
Access in copy-paste translates them to vbcrlf, and that isn't what you want for Excel!

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VirtualKansasAuthor Commented:

Feels like I'm missing a step
a) create new table in desktop access -> dummy
b) run update query for Char10 to new field in dummy
c) import table into access web app
d) concatenate new field and no joy
Not Char(10) -- that's Excel syntax
When you get it right, the field will appear blank in Access.
Explore concatenating with it on the desktop Access and transferspreadsheet to Excel.
Once you get THAT working, then kick the table to your web app
VirtualKansasAuthor Commented:
OK, that worked on desktop!!!
VirtualKansasAuthor Commented:
Appreciate follow through and hand holding...
Not a problem.
Glad you got it working
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