windows 7 blue screen

I received this blue screen, does anyone have any ideas why this means?

Problem signature:
  Problem Event Name:      BlueScreen
  OS Version:      6.1.7601.
  Locale ID:      1033

Additional information about the problem:
  BCCode:      124
  BCP1:      0000000000000000
  BCP2:      FFFFFA8007C69028
  BCP3:      00000000FE200000
  BCP4:      0000000000041136
  OS Version:      6_1_7601
  Service Pack:      1_0
  Product:      256_1
DanNetwork EngineerAsked:
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K BCommented:
Any new hardware installed / usb devices?
Did you patch or install any new software prior to this occurring?
DanNetwork EngineerAuthor Commented:
Nothing, I asked the user the same questions, she didn't install any software, no new hardware or anything.
K BCommented:
I would check windows updates. View history of installed updates. Physically look machine to see all power connections. Run scandisk chkdisk make sure drive is fine.  
Look at event logs leading up to blue screen.
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DanNetwork EngineerAuthor Commented:
I already looked at the event logs and didn't see anything out of the ordinary.

I will check checkdsk and make sure drive is fine.  Will check windows updates as well.
K BCommented:
Also how many times has that happened?
Was in the middle of something in particular that the user was doing or program was open? Was it on a particular webpage?
Is this a laptop or workstation desktop?
I would physically check the machine

Also that the connections are good.
DanNetwork EngineerAuthor Commented:
so far, it's the first time it's ever happened.
I asked her what she was doing, and nothing different she said, all of the same programs she's been using.
It's a laptop.
post the dmp file plse
find it in windows\minidumps
DanNetwork EngineerAuthor Commented:
is there anything in the dmp file that is personal that I don't or should be posted, as I get this message that all files are public.
DanNetwork EngineerAuthor Commented:
I just ran the blue screen view program and here's what it came up with:

Celeste_052015-13774-01.dmp      5/20/2015 9:16:09 AM            0x00000124      00000000`00000000      fffffa80`07c69028      00000000`fe200000      00000000`00041136      hal.dll      hal.dll+12a3b                              x64      

So in the caused by driver filed, it says "hal.dll"

What does that file do?
>>  is there anything in the dmp file that is personal  <<  afaik   NO
hal.dll errors are not easily ficxed; you may need to do a fresh install
K BCommented:
Hardware abstraction layer = HAL
how old is this computer? Is it properly ventilated? Did you recently loading new operating system on it? Do you know how to go into the bios and check the temperature? Have you recently flashed the bios or updated any drivers?  Usb drives?  Does she hibernate the computer?   Does she leave it on all night? Is it sitting on a soft surface? Are the fan spinning can you hear them spinning today spin quickly more quickly than normal? Have you physically inspected the computer? This is usually hardware related. Did it occur at the end of the day or at the beginning of the day?
DanNetwork EngineerAuthor Commented:
The laptop is 2 to 3 years old
I believe it's properly ventilated, but I'll double check, I'll get a canned air and clean it out as well.
The OS is not new, It was installed when the laptop was new a few years ago.
I did not check the bios for the temperature, but will if it happens again.
I have NOT flashed the bios since it was new.
I have not updated any drivers or or usb drives either.
Yes, I think she uses the hibernate feature.
I have to ask if she leaves it on all night.
It's on her desk, but I'll double check.
I have not heard the fans, but  will check them.
I have not physically inspected the laptop, but from a glance, it looked fine.
It happened in the morning.
can you post the dmp file, as asked?  it may contain more info, though that's not sure

you can try running sfc - if it still boots up - or a repair:            REPAIR         SFC

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DanNetwork EngineerAuthor Commented:
Thanks guys for the info. Since it just happened once, I'm not going to waste my time, if it continues, then I'll investigate.
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