block referrer information coldfusion

Hi There,

I am currently running a number of ad campaigns that I am buying on behalf of a client. To preserve my Intellectual Property, I do not wish to pass on the referrer to their website.

How can I write a page in coldfusion that will not pass on the referrer id or alternatively how can I make sure that I only pass through the  url of our ad server (which is preferable).?

I may want to host this page on our 'ad server' so that all tracking links will be formatted like

where is where I will host this page

and is where I want to send the visitor.

If I could put the referrer as, that would be preferable.
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I could be wrong of course but I don't believe that you can set what another server or browser calculates as referrer when doing a url redirect.

Would it help you at all if you used a lookup id instead of a domain?
where sdf456 is kept in your DB and translates to
or maybe that's what you are already doing ???

you can however set the referrer when doing a cfhttp call - but that's a different story ...


But maybe I misunderstand a couple things
If someone clicks and this takes them to your site and you relocate to - 2 questions
How are you relocating? cflocation or meta refresh or ???
And what does the referrer report as now with whichever method (from the destination point)?
I believe there will be a difference reported with different methods
bradderickAuthor Commented:
Hi dgrafx,

I am open to using cflocation or meta refresh, as long as it doesn't add a lot of time to complete the redirect.

Either way if we can block the referrers or use the ad server as the referrer, I don't mind.  Just need a solution that will do it.


bradderickAuthor Commented:
I'm trying to  use something that works like
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will look into it later - just going to grab a snack ...

cflocation will appear instantaneous and meta refresh waits for just a tad but figure around 1 second.

am I correct in saying that you don't use anything yet - you're building it now ???
i would say just try one method then the other and see what the referer turns out to be

<cflocation url="" addtoken="0">
on the target domain dump <cfdump var="#cgi.http_referer#">

or try

<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0; url=" />
and also on the target domain dump <cfdump var="#cgi.http_referer#">

is there a difference?
bradderickAuthor Commented:
Hi dgrafx,

The meta refresh loses the referrer, which is good, however it takes a second or 2 to load.

The cflocation is instant, but still passes the referrer.


Ok - so use meta refresh.
I don't know your setup but can you do a CFabort immediately following the meta refresh so that no other page content is loaded.
Or actually if you know you're going to reload don't have any content other than the meta refresh because most of the delay is due to page content.

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