Doing some due diligence.....


I am considering working towards a CEH and CPT and I have a vendor in mind that looks pretty good as far as quality of training provided and so forth.  I thought I would post this on Experts Exchange to see if anyone else has used them or know of them.  They are called InfoSec Institute from the Chicago area and their web site is at  I am not a newbie to security but enjoy it and want to concentrate on it and do it for a living.

You know how it can get expensive and I am paying for this myself so I owe it to myself to properly vett them make sure a training outfit is accredited/legitimate/etc.  I saw about 7 or so complaints on them on Better Business Bureau and but realistically I don't think you will find a company doing business that doesn't have some complaints against them.

So if you have any experience with them or know of them lay it on me....I am all ears.  Thank you for your time !
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Sean JacksonInformation Security AnalystCommented:
I studied with two books and passed just fine. I wouldn't pay for training.

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pizzaman7ConsultantAuthor Commented:

You really could go either way on this.  I can see your viewpoint too.  I have no problems studying on my own and figuring things out.  Not everyone can.

I asked the question of self-study to a CIO of a decent-sized local bank where my wife works.  This is the response I got:

" I’m interested in certifications, but in-depth knowledge take priority.  Some people are good at taking exams, which sort of leads to a paper certification, I think that ensuring that you understand the material and are able to put it to use is more important.  Some exams like the CISSP are difficult, and truly require understanding.  Personally, I don’t care how the training is obtained, as I sort of do better with self -study.  Whereas, many people do better with instructor-led training.  Any certifications will definitely improve the resume.  Hopefully, this helps. "

So this is what I did.  I researched this training provider and they seem to be legitimate and accredited for the certs they supply training for.  For $2000 I get a program where for the next year I get access to 55 hours of on-line on-demand study with books and even a CD for their Linux attack server disc.  I get access to a mentor during normal business hours during the day.  I also get vouchers for CEH and CPT exams.

I am doing this because I am not currently a full-time practicing security professional and I don't want a perspective employer to think that perhaps I have paper certs.  I can point to a formal program that I paid for and that might get me more credibility.

Mind you I will still study the free sources.  I don't want to risk thousands of dollars so after these two certs I might just do my own thing.  A cert is a cert after-all.  Wish me luck !
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