Any one can help to deploy the topology of network, -----its connection ?

Hi, Two ASA firewalls work as failover. We suppose the primary ASA1 inside interface ip address is From Catalyst 6509, we can see the ip address and its mac address(both are from the ASA1) through show ip arp in the 6509. But when we show cdp neighbor in the 6509, we cannot see the ASA firewall. In the ASA1, we can see the 6509' ip address(vlan) and mac by show arp. Showing mac-address table in 6509 can not indicate the its relative port. So we do not know which port in the 6509 is connect to the ASA1. My question is how we can know which port in 6509 connect to the ASA1 ? Thank you
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ASA's don't do CDP.  I'm fairly sure tha doing show mac-address-table on the 6509 should show you which port the MAC address is being seen on.  What does the it show you?  Can you post the output filtering just the ASA's mac?
Pete LongTechnical ConsultantCommented:
The ASA does not support CDP.

Heres me locating my Active ASA on the Core Switch

locate ASA

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sh arp will get you the mac address, but
show mac address-table | include 7c0e.ce52.a0f2

Open in new window

will show you where that mac address is connected
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eemoonAuthor Commented:
Hi Thank all of you for reply. The following is output, most of them do not show port except Te9/8

C6509#sh mac-address-table | section 78w1.b5w1.www7
*   6  0000.0c07.ac00   dynamic  Yes          0   Po11
*   7  0000.0c07.ac00    static  No           -   Router
*   6  0000.0c07.ac00   dynamic  Yes          0   Po11
*   6  0000.0c07.ac00    static  No           -   Router
*   3  0000.0c07.ac00    static  No           -   Router
   11  78w1.b5w1.www7   dynamic  Yes          5   Te9/8
Not sure what "section" does, you should use "include".  Also not sure what '78w1.b5w1.www7'  is suppsoed to be, but that is not a mac address.  MAC addresses are in hex and thus can only contain the characters 0-9 and A-F.
I gave you the exact syntax to use on your switch with the mac address that you are looking for. Just copy/paste.
O.K, "section" is apparently a valid (but optional) "pre command" to include or exclude.  Never seen it before.  This is why EE is great because you can still learn stuff no matter how long you have been doing this.

However I am now confused.  eemon originally posted, but then PeteLong posted as if he were the original poster, which has the mac address that keveinhsieh include is the command that should be used.

What confuses me even more is that eemon has another question posted:

That seems to deal with the same MAC address of 78e1.b511.2827, 78w1.b5w1.www7 seems to be a "masked" copy of that mac.

eemon are you and PeteLong the same person?
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