Cannot see NVR on Home Network

I have an NVR whos IP is
I cannot view it in IE or Chrome
IP4 address is
Subnet mask
Default Gateway
DNS Servers and
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All those IPs look fine.  You are inside the same subnet so it will not use the default gateway - it will just go straight to the device.

Start by checking you have the right IP and subnetwork address on the devices.

How are you accessing it ?  I assume you are just typing it's IP into the browser ?
Check the instructions for the NVR and check to see if you have to access it on a different port.
For example - if it said it is on port 8000 then you would type into the browser :

The screenshot you added - do not make any changes to this.  This would allow external access in (IP access that is forwarded into your internal address).  Unless you want this - it is not a good idea to turn it on.  People search for cameras and watch them.  Not good at all :)
Tony GiangrecoCommented:
Windows Firewall may be blocking it. Try disabling it for all profiles (public. home & work) for a few minutes and then see if you can access the NVR.  Try a ping first.

Hope this helps!
CaptainPickardAuthor Commented:
I think the problem may be more of an active X control issue. pings fine. When you double click on the NVR in the attached gif file, it opens an IE browser (like its supposed to) but it doesn't prompt you for the Active X control like its supposed to. (This is a new PC build) IE just opens up to its native home page. When I type the direct nothing happens. I don't have any way of knowing what port it is. I've tried a few educated guesses to no avail. I've enclosed a second gif of the port forwarding I will be using as I do need to be able to see the cameras from work. I don't believe you can just "scan the world and find my cameras" as they are behind the NVR, and you cannot see them without this specific Active X control on top of that.
Davis McCarnOwnerCommented:
Is the Viotek camera what you are calling the NVR or is that a different device?

BEFORE you setup port forwarding, you need to set the NVR to a fixed (static) ip address; otherwise, it will change every time you reboot the router!  On many newer routers, you want to do that by "reserving" an ip address in its network setup and I like as a place to start security devices.

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CaptainPickardAuthor Commented:
I believe we are good now. I was able to test my cams on my phone's security app via WIFI. Solution was:
1. Simultaneously hit Reset detent on NVR and power button at the same time for a few seconds.
2. Ping /-t command until you see it connecting.
3. Refreshed IW2 (Install Wizard for the NVR & cameras) and double click NVR
4. Add to compatibility view, had to tyoe in manually. It's port 80 if needed.
5. And yes, made the NVR a static IP inside the NVR's configuration settings.
6. Made a correction to the port forwarding on the router
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