Powershell search for AD accounts that end with a certain character

Hi EE .. anyone able to help with this?

I have a situation where i need to check a list of SamAccountNames and check if a corresponding "x" account exist in AD.

So on the list I want to enter a list of SamAccountnames


and I need the script to check if an account exist with those samAccountNames but that end with an "x"

Then have the "x" accounts found exported to a csv file.
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Subash SundharanIT Infrastructure Architect Commented:
This is a simple code which get Samaccountname from the input file and check the AD for users with SamaccountnameX username. If it exists then it will send the user to report file. Hope this is what you are looking for.
GC C:\input.txt | %{Try{Get-ADUser "$($_)X" | Select -exp Samaccountname}Catch{}} | Out-File C:\report.txt

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David Johnson, CD, MVPOwnerCommented:
Fleshed out version of the above
   Get All AD users that their SamAccountName ends with a specific Character
   Long description
  Get-ADAccountEndingWith C:\TEST\userlist.txt c:\test\output.txt X
    Get-ADAccountEndingWith -SourceFile C:\TEST\userlist.txt -OutputFile c:\test\output.txt -Search X
    This uses the defaults of 
    $SourceFile = "c:\test.txt",
    $OutputFile = "C:\temp\output.txt"
    $Search = "X"
function get-ADAccountEndingWith
        # Param1 help description
        #This is the source filename and path
        $SourceFile = "c:\test.txt",
        #Output Filename and path
        $OutputFile = "C:\temp\output.txt",
        #Search Character
        $Search = "X"


    Import-Module ActiveDirectory -ErrorAction Stop
    if((Test-Path $SourceFile)-eq $false){
        Write-Output "Input File Does Not Exist"
        Write-Verbose "Searching AD for users in "$sourcefile " for the Character:"$search
        $users = get-content $SourceFile
        foreach($user in $users)
            Get-ADUser "$($user)$searchcharacter" | 
            Select-Object -exp Samaccountname |Out-File $OutputFile -Append

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MilesLoganAuthor Commented:
Thank you both for the great assistance .
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