Export inbox folders from webmail

I have few accounts that are on webmail with namespro.ca and I implement an exchange 2013 server.
I need to export all emails including subfolders from the webmail in to the exchange mailbox.
So after I configure teh user mailbox on Outlook from exchange I also create the pop3 account were all the old emails are located.
For the emails on the inbox it was easy to move to exchange. Just select then drag and drop.
My problem is that on the webmail there is tons of subfolders under the inbox and those subfolders does not show on Outlook.
I did chose SEND AND RECEIVE all folders but it still now show.
How can I have it show on Outlook so I can drag and drop in to exchange account or export it from the webmail.
I try to set the account to imap instead of pop but for some reason the same cedentials that works fine with pop does not work with imap
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Your steps are correct, IMAP is the way to go. Please ask you provider again if IMAP is indeed an option, and what the server settings should be (maybe they need to enable it first).
infedonetworkAuthor Commented:
I just finish to install IMAP and it show the same as the pop3. Just the inbox without the sub-folders.
If the server is real IMAP, try to subscribe and refresh the folders in Outlook (IMAP Folders > Query). If you're really sure, no new folders are updated, it's not a real IMAP server (in the sense that it supports folders, as the webmail lead you to believe)

If the email server is not real IMAP (and the webmail shows it's own custom folders), the only way now, is to empty the inbox, then THROUGH the WEBMAIL interface, move the content of one folder to the inbox, in Outlook, grab all these messages again (have inbox empty, move to a temp inbox folder, otherwise the messages will be mixed together), then after you have the messages in the inbox moved to the original name of that folder. VERY time consuming and not efficient, but since the server isn't behaving like a real IMAP server, it seems to be the only way.
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Why you don't do MAPI over HTTP? It will allows that your outlook connects over http and you keep all MAPI fonctions?

infedonetworkAuthor Commented:
So I right click on the Imap inbox and chose subscribe to folders and I chose all the subfolders that are on teh IMAP account.
They all show fine with all the emails. Then I export the entire IMAP email to a PST and import it on the Exchange mailbox.
All sub folders shows under the Exchange mailbox. It even show the number of emails on each folder but when I click on any of the folder it shows empty even that the folder show that I have 7 or 20 emails on that folder.
Try the copy command instead. Don't import the pst file before even checking if the pst file is in good order (check if all emails are there, body and all).
If the copy is fast, you will have the same problem, if it takes some time, I'm pretty sure the full email is being copied.
infedonetworkAuthor Commented:
I try the move and it work but took near an hour for one user since I have to do one folder at the time and each user has tons. If I can export to pst then import it will be perfect but the first one did not work. I will try the second one now.
If you don't have much folders you can manually deplace emails in inbox then use POP3.
Try previous method again (IMAP to PST). But first, make sure all emails are received:

Send/Receive settings  > All accounts > Received items (is already checked) > change radio from Download headers to Download complete ...

Send and receive ALL, and wait for quite a while (check status bar, it will sync, wait for it to be totally finished).

NOW all your email is in, and you can use the PST method now.

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infedonetworkAuthor Commented:
Thank you.
This work but I had to Disable the "Show only subscribed folders" option in Outlook
Without that it will just sync for 2 minutes one or 2 folders and stop.
Looks like it's an known issues on Outlook 2013
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