VBScript to check if file has been modifed - send email if not

Please can someone provide or help me with a vbscript that can check if a specified file has been modified.
If the file hasn't been modified in the last hour then an email must be sent.

I plan only using the windows scheduler to run the script, this will check if a report has been updated and if it hasn't it will email me to tell me it hasn't been updated and therefore requires my attention

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You just need to download blat.exe and change the path in this script to point to it.

(tested and working from my machine; with appropriate mail setting changes and blat path file set correctly)

'set this variable to the path of your file
strFilePath = "C:\temp\oraclerecovery.log"

Set objFSO = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
set objFile = objFSO.GetFile(strFilePath)
Set objShell = WScript.CreateObject("WScript.Shell")

DateLastMod = CDate( objFile.DateLastModified)
if DateDiff("h",DateLastMod,Now)>0 then
   'dates differ, file is 1 hour old or older

    'set mail settings appropriately
	strMailSubject="The File " & strFilePath & " has changed in the last hour"
	strMailBody="The monitored file has changed in the last hour"
	'uncomment this for debugging
	'WScript.Echo "c:\utils\blat.exe -body " & chr(34) & strMailBody & chr(34) & " -f " & chr(34) & strMailFrom & chr(34) & " -server " & chr(34) & strMailServer & chr(34) & " -subject " & chr(34) & strMailSubject & chr(34) & " -to " & chr(34) & strMailTo & chr(34)
	'be sure to change path to blat.exe for this to work
    strErrorCode = objShell.Run ("c:\utils\blat.exe -body " & chr(34) & strMailBody & chr(34) & " -f " & chr(34) & strMailFrom & chr(34) & " -server " & chr(34) & strMailServer & chr(34) & " -subject " & chr(34) & strMailSubject & chr(34) & " -to " & chr(34) & strMailTo & chr(34),0,True)
	'remove this error echo if you don't want
	WScript.Echo strErrorCode
end if

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Another option would be to move or delete the report, and then just check for its existence--assuming the name would always be the same.  To do that, just change the
if DateDiff("h",DateLastMod,Now)>0 then

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line to be
If not (fso.FileExists(strFilePath)) Then

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antoniokingAuthor Commented:
Thanks, great solution!
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