Allow reset button to ignore form validation

I am using the below JavaScript to validate a form field when information is entered and it is trigged on blur. When the user clicks the reset button, this javascript still runs and the validation error appears. Can someone help me make the reset button truly "reset" the page and all validations? Thank you.
function CheckIt(ID)
  var cfcAsAjax = new jsobj();
  x = cfcAsAjax.Checkthenum(ID);
  if (x==true) {
    document.getElementById('labelthenum').innerHTML = '<span>The Number:</span>';
  else {
    document.getElementById('labelthenum').innerHTML = '<span>The Number:</span><br><span class="red"><strong>Please enter a valid number</strong></span>';

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Julian HansenCommented:
You will need to provide more code than that. We need to see the markup for the form as well as the mechanism for triggering the validation.
earwig75Author Commented:
<label for="thenumNumber" id="labelthenum">Incident Number: </label>

<input type="text" name="thenumNumber" ID="thenumtNumber" onBlur="CheckIt(this.value)" maxLength="12"  value="">

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Julian HansenCommented:
@eerwig75 - that is still not helpful. Where is the reset button markup? Given that is central to your question it is important that we see it in context. In addition there are often side effects in code that are not evident unless you are looking at all the code.

Is there a reason you are not posting a full listing of form + javascript?
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earwig75Author Commented:
The reset button is just a standard reset button.
I ended up just allowing the focus to leave the field if it is blank.
Mukesh YadavFull Stack DeveloperCommented:
May you share entire html and js?
earwig75Author Commented:
I shared all I can and what I feel is important. If it's not enough I guess I will close the question.
Julian HansenCommented:
Make your CheckId execute on Form submit instead of blur.

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