Can't log in to RSA Box

Every password I've tried in keepass doesn't work for this particular server (see keepass on right). I just inherited this environment from someone else and documentation is nil.

I can access the RSA console over the web from another server, but can't seem to log in to this RSA/windows box with any password I try.  

I need options, no matter how good or bad they are.

The server is externally hosted and virtualized on hyperv

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btanExec ConsultantCommented:
pse see this
as it attempts to restore existing admin with another created temporary admin account.
nflynn85Author Commented:
That's the password for the admin console, not the password for the windows local admin account
btanExec ConsultantCommented:
if the Windows box is not disk encrypted using bitlocker or eqv..I am thinking to try F8 to go into Windows® Boot Menu choose Safe Mode with Command Prompt, and enter the following to create another admin called "root" and use it to reset the Administrator password (by default it should be empty when OS first setup)
net user root /add
net localgroup Administrators root /add
net localgroup Users root /delete
Creating Active Directory Users from a Text File

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nflynn85Author Commented:
So before doing this on the production server (rebooting, trying to get into safe mode with CMD), I wanted to practice this on a dummy server. I brought up a VM specifically to test with, yet every time I choose the safe mode w/CMD it still boots to windows.

Thoughts? I don't want to boot the production VM and potentially disrupt services if i'm going to experience the same behavior.
I've successfully used this utility before:

You have to boot to the CD ISO image, and then use the tool to edit Windows SAM.

Suggest you test it first on another machine.

Suggest you also take a snapshot and/or backup prior to performing the operation on a production system.

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nflynn85Author Commented:
Thanks! Will give that a shot
btanExec ConsultantCommented:
if you can get to boot from CD, ultimateCD ( is another alternative. It is handy for admin as it contain ready toolkit. It is  inclusive of "Offline NT Password & Registry Editor" and another candidate for consideration, named Konboot (does the job as tried prev).
Kon-Boot is an application which will silently bypass the authentication process of Windows / OSX based operating systems. Kon-Boot modifies the system kernel while it boots, changes are made temporary only. Rebooting the machine will restore the original contents of system kernel and its corresponding authentication procedures.
But note that konboot free version supports only 32-bit windows systems without the Windows 8 support. Archive password is 'kon-boot'.

To also note, if you see an ophcrack LiveCD which kind of bypass the login, it does "brute forcing" of password, but I do advise not to try that as it may inadvertently cause account lockout and do need prior authorisation to make sure this is legit course of action....avoid this LiveCD
nflynn85Author Commented:
UBCD is the route i'm going to take - asavener post jogged my memory about that wonderful utility disc
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