firewall suggestion

I have a small business about 20 users .

I need a firewall that will also filter all the packet and have an anti virus anti spyware engine.

What do you suggest ? fortigate , sonicwall , checkpoint ? and what specific models.

I know that some of them goes by the internet throughput my internet speed is 200mbps.
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Thomas GrassiSystems AdministratorCommented:
Sonicwall gets my vote

Very good for what your looking for
alonig1Author Commented:
Be specific what model?
Thomas GrassiSystems AdministratorCommented:
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I've been using Fortigate routers for a good while. They are among the best, Sonic being up there as well. But the Fortigate I believe is easier to use. The specific model would depend on a few things however. Whether your company is growing or not. With 20 people only you could use one of there smallest and get what you want. that's the model FG/FWF-30D, that will handle 200 registered clients max. but its limited to .8Gbps throughput. So if that's to slow, jump to the FG/FWF-60D that's has 1.5Gpbs throughput. Beyond that you start getting pricey for only 20 people. But without knowing your constraints and needs its a tough thing to suggest the model you might need. I would suggest going to there site.
alonig1Author Commented:
8 gbps per day per month ?

The Internet is only 200 mbps
Do you have a price in mind? Because the cheapest Fortigate once you jump to the mid level range is about $2,300. The base FG-60D with Forticare is about $725, which is more inline with only 20 users. But if your looking at speed and throughput and not caring about money. Then a larger class router is going to be better of course. Remember they use a yearly subscription based model as well for the protection.
I'm currently using Fortigate 100D's which are about $1500 per unit but the same unit with a one year subscription is $2400. I use those for about 100 people with no issues at all. They have excellent support as well.
Natty GregIn Theory (IT)Commented:
I suggest pfsense
alonig1Author Commented:
free software based?
We've always used Cisco (PIX and now ASA).  They do a wonderful job.  However, we are looking for some way to beef up our security posture as well a provide a good firewall.  We are seriously looking at PaloAlto firewalls. What we are looking initial is to buy one mostly for its web filtering and robust security features and in a year or two when our current managed service contract runs out, we think we want to replace the Cisco firewalls with a pair of the PaloAlto's.  I can't recommend one specifically since I'm not using one, but I like the features and think it's worth a look.
Franck HorlavilleTechnical DirectorCommented:
I suggest pfSense

- free
- extremely powerful and stable (based on FreeBSD)
- nice web gui
- you can install on scrap hardware or purchase dedicated appliances
- you can add antivirus and content filtering modules
- includes site-to-site and road warrior VPN

If you find pfSense is overkill for you, my second choice would be ipCop

I have used Cisco, Juniper, Checkpoint, iptables, ipfw, ipchains and pfSense has my preference hands down.


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emily laurenCommented:
I suggest either Comodo Firewall or Zonealarm. They are the best when it comes to firewall because of the following features added to it.

1. Packet filtering
2. Proxy
3. Inspection
4. Static IP Address
5. Internet Security + Antivirus
6. Antivirus & Anti-spyware Engine
7. Advanced Real-Time Antivirus
8. Enhanced Browser Protection
9. Identity Protection
10 .Anti-Keylogging
11. Anti-Spam
12. Parental Controls
13. PC Tune Up
14. Threat Emulation
15. Find my PC
16. Keeps you updated on all suspicious files
17. Automatic updates for the most current protection
18. Prevention-based technology stops viruses
19. Complete Protection against Hackers.
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