Need a lot of Fields and Pictures in a Report - Report is not long enough


I have a database that is holding records that have a lot of fields.  Want to be able to output a report based on a single record.  The record has both fields and pictures.  I am pulling the record source from the currently open data entry form and using the fields in there to populate the report.  The problem is the report gets to a certain length (around 22") and then I can't add anymore controls to it.  OK, I can add them, but not without overlapping something else.  In other words the report can only be so long.  Is there a way around this?  I can't be the only one that needs this.

My intent is to enter all the data for a particular record and then print to a pdf the report that would go to the end customer.

Elena Quinn
Elena QuinnAsked:
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Start here
And read this one over, too

I use a subreport for the images.
So far, I can get at least 400 on a report.
I can't get a 1000 to print.

Let me know what you think
You should probably rethink your schema.  It is quite likely that you have repeating groups that should have been implemented as a 1-many relationship in a separate table.  If you post the table column names we might be able to "see" the repeating group and help you to separate it (them).

You can try creating a subreport as Nick suggested but I don't think it will help.  22" is the limit of a page size.   That is also the horizontal limit as well so you might be able to use a space 22" wide by 22" long.

If that doesn't work for you, you can automate Word to create the report.
Elena QuinnAuthor Commented:
Dear Nick67,

The idea of putting the files in a directory is great and I like it.  But the natural way of filling out the data is for the user to capture a clip of an image and then copy and paste it in.  This is a failure analysis database, so images will come from several sources.  It comes from scope images, specialized test software, actual photos, etc.  And the images will be different sizes each time.  I would need a way to automatically take the image that is pasted and save it as a file and then put the name of the file into another field to be retrieved later when I run the report.  Is there a way to do that?  Oh and then be able to determine the size and fit it into the report so it can be printed as a pdf with legible images.
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We need to start with the table definition to get rid of any repeating groups.  Can you post it please?
But the natural way of filling out the data is for the user to capture a clip of an image and then copy and paste it in.
There are no good ways to paste a image into a control in Access.
capture a clip of an image
There are things like SnagIt and Dropbox that can be configured to capture the ALT-PRTSCN -- and then you have a file.
From there, it's a FileDialog away from being stuffed into a permanent home with a path recorded.
And the images will be different sizes each time.
You've read the articles.  That can be accommodated, so long as one isn't going to get really fussy with formatting text and images together.

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Elena QuinnAuthor Commented:
I decided it was easier to go with the filename option as you suggested.  It adds extra steps in clipping and making a file, but in the end it is neater and cheaper (spacewise).

Thank you.
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