SMB transfer from Printer to a domain workstation won't work

I have 2 DC's (Win2k12 r2) and several workstations (win7) in a domain called homeoffice. A Konica Minolta 4695MF printer has the capability to scan documents to computers, using either SMB or FTP.  Right now, Scanning to one of the DC's using SMB works fine, but the scanning to a workstation does not.
1) I tried using the WS user's local credentials and  i get a connection error msg on printer. The user has  no password, so I give him one temporarily. But the error then is wrong password.  Each and every time I mirrored the credentials in the printer's SMB settings.
2) I tried signing onto the WS with the user's AD profile and password.
3) I tried creating a user  called "Scanner" and gave it a password, both in AD and locally to the WS. Neither scenarios worked. Even when I signed onto the WS using the Scanner profile, the msg was "wrong password."
4) I tried to make sure of the credentials the printer was using by entering user as "host\user", but the printer's firmware refused to accept that format.
5) Giving up on SMB, I tried to establish an FTP site on the workstation, but the error msgs were essentially the same as above. I even validated the FTP site setup by logging in from Command and in Chrome.

I don't know what else I can do. Is it possible to "get there from here"?? Thanks for any help.
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Robby SwartenbroekxMSP engineerCommented:
Probably windows firewall on the clients. Open it for file and printer sharing.
Option 1: Update prineter firmware for it to support new NTLM versions
Option 2: Use FTP with FileZilla FTP
PCGenieLAAuthor Commented:
Firewall on the clients was turned off when I created the FTP site in IIS Manager. I  then also tried SMB transfer with the firewall off. No difference.

I asked if there was an update for printer firmware. There is not.

Do you mean I should install Filezilla FTP on the client workstation? If so, I'll try it.
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Robby SwartenbroekxMSP engineerCommented:
I find it strange that it can scan to a w2k12 server, but not a windows 7 workstation. How do you disabled the firewall? You didn't stop the service I hope, but you just disabled it true the settings? Did you disable this also for the domain profile? Can you access the same share from another client of from the server?

You have to setup an ftp server (FileZilla server is easy and free), not the FileZilla client.
PCGenieLAAuthor Commented:
OK I setup the Filezilla server, but, in testing it through the CLI on the server,  I don't know what credentials I should using to log in. There doesn't seem to any place in the program to set that up and just using the credentials I've used before yields a failed logon msg.
Robby SwartenbroekxMSP engineerCommented:
You need to create users in FileZilla server interface. An easy 101 to FileZilla server:

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AkinsdNetwork AdministratorCommented:
For windows vista and up, the login is in domain format when smb is used
eg Let's assumme the following
Domain = domain
Computer name = computer
Username = username
Password = password
Local Account = localaccount

If a computer is joined into a domain and a user loging in is also part of the domain. A domain account or existing local account can be used.
The login information = domain\username OR computer\localaccount

If a computer is not part of a domain, it doesn't matter if the user is part of a domain or not, a local account must be used. = computer\localaccount

Also, I've seen security policies disallow logons in the past though none in recent months. It won't hurt to try that also.
Run secpol.msc > Local Policies > Security Options > Microsoft Network Server: Digitally sign communications (always) = Enable
Same for (If server agrees)

Lastly, check the SMB settings on the printer. You may want to enable negotiation based on all NTLM versions eg NTLMv1, NTLMv2, NTLMv3,

I hope this helps
PCGenieLAAuthor Commented:
Splendid Robby, Filezilla server worked. It took some fiddling with the settings. I found the logging feature in the Filezilla interface very helpful. It helped me fix some security issues. Now all is good. Just don't understand why IIS didn't work on this issue.
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