Missing emails

Hi, I've tried to solve this before, but now I have more information.  We are on prodigy.net.mx. for emails.

My husband is subscribed by email to many blogs. Usually he gets 200 or so emails daily informing him that a new blog has been published.

Twice now,  he has stopped getting most of these emails.  They don't ever get to his inbox on the server at prodigy.net.mx.  They are not in his inbox, and not in spam. There are no filters set. The blackmail list shows only email addresses which begin:

Here is one example. He has received emails every time a blog is posted from  Teddyrose Book Reviews , and I have the email address that sends it.  Today a new blog was posted, but he received no email, and again it is not on the server. The problem isn't his client.

Another one is A Bookworm's World-  he should have received an email May 20 when a new blog was posted, but he didn't. Again it is not on the server.

He could give 100 or more examples. My questions are:

1. Do you have any idea what could be happening?
2. What questions would you ask support, given that I can give them at least two emails that were sent and didn't arrive, and the email addresses they came from?  I can get as many examples as you think will convince them that there's a problem.

Thanks, I'm not a real email tech, so any help and advice will be welcome.
Melody ScottAsked:
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If you can, you might want to signup for one of the free emails and have that email included in your notification scheme. I'm suspect that the issue is with your provider trapping the large amount of emails from the source as a means to deal with spam.
The issue could be that one if the email notifications is rejected by your provider, the rejection is then processed on the sending side disabling any future notifications until you access the site again/reactivate the subscription.
Shifting for the notification to one of the free email providers would point to either the issue with the sender or your provider.
Leroy LuffHead of IT & DIgitalCommented:
My 1st guess is the mails are sitting in spam filter at your isp. Due to so many emails coming from the blogs it might list it as "spam" .

This could happen due to a number of reasons depending how the ISP's email setup works like.

 They have to "whitelist" the domain names or ip addresses the blogs are sending email from.

Tony GiangrecoCommented:
I suggest creating a new test gmail and other free account and trigger email into that account. If you don't receive it, have the server admin check for those emails. There may be an intermittent problem that stops in coming email

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Melody ScottAuthor Commented:
Ok, these are all good responses, thanks.  I asked these questions, and his response is:

1. Arnold: He visits the sites often, and here is a scenario that may not fit your answer: On the Teddy Rose Book Reviews, he visited it every day all week, 5 or 6 times. But he hasn't received an email since May 15.

2. Leroy: But they came in for weeks and weeks, then stopped for a week, then started again, then stopped again.  Again, one example is the Teddy Rose review.

3. TG-TIS: I will call Telmex and ask if they can check for those two email addresses  we have so far.  Because he has so many blogs signed up with this address, it would be a lot of work to change the email address on them. We will if we have to.

Tony GiangrecoCommented:
Have the server admin try pinging gmail or other mail server that is sending the email
Melody ScottAuthor Commented:
So I should ping pop.prodigy.net.mx? We're just a home network.
Melody ScottAuthor Commented:
OK, I have been talking to support at telmex in Mexico. They ran a test of some kind, and have discovered there is a problem with the server that has that email address. So I think we have our solution, but I'll leave this open to let you know the outcome, if that's ok. Thanks for all your help.
The subscription/notification activation  might be a separate item than just visiting the blog.

i.e. if a party sends you an email, and it is returned to them as non-deliverable, they will mark your address as invalid/not-active and would require an step you would need to take to reactivate it within their scheme. It could require that one goes into ones profile on that site, and revalidate the email, which might trigger an email to the address with information that will then need to be entered on the email validation screen to confirm the email is functional.

Using another external free email that will be solely used as a secondary email for  these notification could answer the question when the email arrives at the newly created free email account while not getting to your existing email account.
If neighter email gets notification after the welvoming/revalidation email, that would mean the issue is with the blog site's mail servers being unable to send out notification.

I believe you had two or three questions on the issue with your concentration on your own system as the possible cause for the emails not arriving.

The issue at this time is between the sender and your provider. A second email address outside of your provider will help narrow the issue either to the sender or to the provider.

If you could inquire with the blog site it could expedite the process.  I am unfamiliar with the blog your husband is subscribed to, it is possible, that he needs to add each blog to receive notices from they could also limit how many notifications a user can subscribe too, it is all speculation on this end.

Create a free email on any of the free gmail, yahoo, microsoft live/hotmail/etc. there are many others.
Then see what subscription options exist i.e. can one individual provide multiple emails to which notifications can be sent....
If only one email is available, send notification to the new free email after it has been confirmed/validated with the blog (suspect they use an opt-in/validate) mechanism.
Tony GiangrecoCommented:
Well that makes sense.... Your email is probably not being sent out!
Melody ScottAuthor Commented:
Right! I thought that was the last thing it would be, but sure enough.
Telmex is your provider from my understanding. Are they denying emails sent to you from being accepted from external sources?

Something is a miss here.

You have a blog host.
You have your email provider prodigy.net.mx, Telmex is your ISP?

Hopefully you got an answer and thus resolved your issue.
Melody ScottAuthor Commented:
Yes, Telmex is our ISP. They confirmed that there was an issue with the server that serves his email address, and that was the reason. I have a report number, and they say it will be resolved in 24-72 hours. I'll call again Monday. Thanks for your help!
Melody ScottAuthor Commented:
We phone after 72 hours and were informed there was no such report being worked on. I called again, we have a new ticket, and again they say the server is being worked on. So we wait...
Tony GiangrecoCommented:
On situations like this, the longer it takes them to look into the problem, the less likely they will find any missing emails.

Hope they resolve the issue in time.  I suggest looking into migrating to a US based hosting company that responds quicker. Making that change might get future issues resolved quicker.
Melody ScottAuthor Commented:
I agree. My husband knows it's a good idea, but he'd have to change his email address on hundreds of blogs. So it's his decision. I think I'll close this now, share the points. Thanks for everyone's help.
Melody ScottAuthor Commented:
Lots of info here, and good advice. Thanks to all!
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