multiple internal subnets access ASA 5505 VPN Tunnel

Hi there,
We have a MPLS network, with a Cisco ASA 5505  in the data centre acting as the company firewall  The ASA creates a Ipsec VPN tunnel to America to allow access to a server. We need all subnets in the MPLS to be able to access the servers through this VPN tunnel. In the exampe I have attached, Im just giving an example of 1 subnet ( All Internet traffic is routing out correclty through the ASA, and this is shown in the logs. However, when I try to get access to the server over the VPN, it does not work. The ASA can ping the remote server fine. I have attached a shortened copy of the running config, and a diagram of the setup. In the crypto map of the firewall in America, do we have to add all remote subnets? When it was configured, it was only configured for


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You might be better off setting up the VPN between the. Two locations to include routing advertising over the VON this will provide you with a dynamic option to add segments as they are seen.
Other wise, your LAN to Lan VPN must include the IP segments on the one side and the same added on the other side.
On one side is to allow the IPs to go through the VPN to the other side, on the other side to allow the IPs to come in and to have a path back.

Then your MPLS network needs to advertise what IP segments are available through it including the remote

It is all an issue of routing on the one hand, and then routing over VPN.
ffleismaSenior Network EngineerCommented:
In the crypto map of the firewall in America, do we have to add all remote subnets? When it was configured, it was only configured for
yes, on the firewall in America you'll need to add the subnets across the MPLS that is requiring access to
Adding them would pertain to the permissive ACL, VPN ACL, NAT ACL (no NAT on this case) and routing (assuming America site has default routing this might not be needed).

This also applies on the ASA (
permissive ACL, though I didn't notice any on the configuration you have given so i'm assuming you are allowing all traffic from lower security-level 0 (inside) to  higher security-level (outside)-default action.
access-list NONAT extended permit ip 
access-list VPN extended permit ip
access-list NONAT extended permit ip MPLS_SUBNETS MASK 
access-list VPN extended permit ip MPLS_SUBNETS MASK

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Since you mentioned MPLS remote sites are already routing default route out towards the ASA, you may not need to add routing for to be known by the remote site, they'll just treat it as a unknown route and will take the default.

Hope this makes sense and hopefully help you. let me know if you have further questions and I'll be glad to help out.

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