Can't Run Updates


I have just restored a laptop HP Pavilion With Windows 7 32 bits. I used an image and I restored the laptop using Acronis. Everything is working great but updates.

I am attaching the pic with the error ...

what should I do to fix this issue please
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start, run, services.msc

check if either Automatic updates, or Windows updates is started and set to automatic. If not, set it to automatic, start it, then run updates again
ItaliabellaAuthor Commented:
Kimputer Windows updates is set to automatic.....
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Go to the Microsoft Windows Update Troubleshooter site. There is a FixIt there and an manual method to restore updating. Run the FixIt first as it often works.
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Tony GiangrecoCommented:
I tried that same Microsoft fix it utility and it didn't work. I ended up copying the commands on that page and running them from an elevated command prompt. That resolved the problem. I also ran SFC /Scannow to make sure main files were good.

Hope this helps!
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
I have seen it both ways, so the list of commands in the Microsoft Article is a good list.

Also try the Windows Update Readiness tool. for Windows 32-bit.
Tony GiangrecoCommented:
The readiness tool never resolved the problem for me. I've tried it on multiple systems and decided to take a shortcut and run the full list of commands in batch myself.
ItaliabellaAuthor Commented:
This-Tis where can I find the command, elevated means you run as administrator ? Do you please have a step by step instruction so I won't make any mistakes. I agree sometimes that utility doesn't work. Thank you
Tony GiangrecoCommented:
Copy the commands from that page and paste them into a notepad document. Save it as update-magic.cmd on your desktop. Then right click that file on your desktop and select Run As Administrator
Tony GiangrecoCommented:
You can save it with any name just use CMD as the extension
ItaliabellaAuthor Commented:
From the page that john gave gave me ....?
Tony GiangrecoCommented:
Yes, there is another page also with net stop commands and register commands. I'm not on my PC right now to find it
ItaliabellaAuthor Commented:
Ok me neither this is why I asked, tomorrow I wil check and follow your instruction to see if resolve he update problem. Thank you
Tony GiangrecoCommented:
Tomorrow morning I'll send you the commands. I saved them.
ItaliabellaAuthor Commented:
This is a very good news :) thank you
ItaliabellaAuthor Commented:
I  fix one part now the error changed to 80072EE2 :(
what did you do?
Tony GiangrecoCommented:
Attached is a batch file I created from this page. It worked very well for me.

Download the attached file to your desktop, rename it from update-fix.txt to update-fix.cmd

Right click it on your desktop and select Run As Administrator

Restart your Pc and try running Windows updates.

Hope it helps!
ItaliabellaAuthor Commented:
THis fixed one part of the problem, not the problem is changed and the error is 80072EE2. I TRIED TO UNISTALL THE NIC card and the wireless card but it doesn't fix the problem..

any ideas please ?
ItaliabellaAuthor Commented:
TG-TIS now that the error is changed should I still run your instruction or your instruction were referred to the old error ?
in other words if I run it am I going back to the previous error or am I going to mess up my pc more ?
Tony GiangrecoCommented:
Rerun the file, it may help
ItaliabellaAuthor Commented:
ok let me try
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
On one Virtual Machine that would not run updates, I uninstalled the Antivirus, restarted and updates began again.

On another machine that would not update, I found some optional (recommended) updates that had not been run and needed to be run before main updates would run.

Windows updates won't run if Adobe, Java or other pending updates have not been completed.

1. Make sure all Adobe, Flash, Java and other pending updates are complete. Check each one.
2. Uninstall your anti virus temporarily.
3. Shut down.
4. Start up and do optional (recommended) but not critical updates. Allow the updates and restart.
5. Now try critical updates again.
Tony GiangrecoCommented:
Did that work?
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
If you are asking me: Yes, it has worked for me.

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Italiabella --
You have tried so many things and one problem is solved and another created.  I think you have a corrupt Registry.  Run a Repair Install.
This should not affect personal data or installed programs but a backup first is always a good idea.
ItaliabellaAuthor Commented:
Guy may be the miracle happened after I uninstalled and reinstalled the noc card drivers. This morning g when I woke up and shut down the computer it said that there were 205 updated to be installed I started installing them and I left home when 75 out of 205 were installed. It's taking forever but I left the laptop running. I will be back tonight and check the status and give you all an update. John all your points are very interesting ...thank you everyone. The funny part is that it took only 25 minutes to bring back the PC using the image but it is taken g2 days to fix the updates:)
ItaliabellaAuthor Commented:
ok IT is working....:) I will save all these great advice because I know that soon I will ended up again with the same issue in some other computer :)

Thank you all..
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
@Italiabella  - You are very welcome and I was happy to assist.
so am i - have a nice day
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