jQuery: How to stop click event from firing when dblclicking

I am trying the dblclick() event of jQuery, and it works fine. Problem is, I am also using the click event, and when I dblclick, the click event fires twice and the dblclick once. Anyone have any ideas on how to stop the click event from firing when a dblclick event fires?


Here's my sample code:

<!DOCTYPE html>
<script src="//ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/1.11.2/jquery.min.js"></script>
    #gridContents tr {
        background: lightgray;
        cursor: pointer;
$(function() {
    $("#gridContents tr").click(function() {
    $("#gridContents tr").dblclick(function() {
<table id="gridContents">
    <tr custID="1"><td>12345</td><td>Doe</td><td>John</td><td>8005551212</td><td>8005551213</td><td>8005551214</td><td>8005551215</td></tr>
    <tr custID="2"><td>12345</td><td>Doe</td><td>John</td><td>8005551212</td><td>8005551213</td><td>8005551214</td><td>8005551215</td></tr>
    <tr custID="3"><td>12345</td><td>Doe</td><td>John</td><td>8005551212</td><td>8005551213</td><td>8005551214</td><td>8005551215</td></tr>
    <tr custID="4"><td>12345</td><td>Doe</td><td>John</td><td>8005551212</td><td>8005551213</td><td>8005551214</td><td>8005551215</td></tr>
    <tr custID="5"><td>12345</td><td>Doe</td><td>John</td><td>8005551212</td><td>8005551213</td><td>8005551214</td><td>8005551215</td></tr>
    <tr custID="6"><td>12345</td><td>Doe</td><td>John</td><td>8005551212</td><td>8005551213</td><td>8005551214</td><td>8005551215</td></tr>
    <tr custID="7"><td>12345</td><td>Doe</td><td>John</td><td>8005551212</td><td>8005551213</td><td>8005551214</td><td>8005551215</td></tr>
    <tr custID="8"><td>12345</td><td>Doe</td><td>John</td><td>8005551212</td><td>8005551213</td><td>8005551214</td><td>8005551215</td></tr>
    <tr custID="9"><td>12345</td><td>Doe</td><td>John</td><td>8005551212</td><td>8005551213</td><td>8005551214</td><td>8005551215</td></tr>
    <tr custID="-1"><td>12345</td><td>Doe</td><td>John</td><td>8005551212</td><td>8005551213</td><td>8005551214</td><td>8005551215</td></tr>

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Rainer JeschorCommented:
imho you should avoid having both click events on the same element.
From the jQuery docs:
It is inadvisable to bind handlers to both the click and dblclick events for the same element. The sequence of events triggered varies from browser to browser, with some receiving two click events before the dblclick and others only one. Double-click sensitivity (maximum time between clicks that is detected as a double click) can vary by operating system and browser, and is often user-configurable.

If you really need this working, for which browsers and client OS?

Just my 2ct
elepilAuthor Commented:
Rainer, thanks for responding.

I have a dialogue box that acts like a data grid, i.e., with rows of information from a result set. A single click would visually highlight a row to denote a user selection. The user can then click a Select button to finalize his selection. A double-click both selects the item and closes the dialogue box in one gesture. And I do need this to work across all browsers.

The above behaviors I described are pretty common in other applications. I'm just surprised that there isn't a simple way to implement this.
RobOwner (Aidellio)Commented:
This isn't simple and has its flaws however i believe it should work ok for you:


Essentially you're just waiting a specified amount of time for the dblClick event.  If it doesn't come then you process a Click if it does you cancel the click event and process the double click.

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elepilAuthor Commented:
Thanks again, Rob!
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