Reviews on USB HDD HGST or Silicone Power

How does the above USB HDD perform local backup?  Does it comes built in with a hardware RAID?

Or will I be better off getting the item below which is a shock-proof (dust-proof, moisture & water-proof)
HDD which can withstand all bad elements that destroy a HDD :

Not getting a NAS as the costs of NAS is higher but I might consider Pogoplug (from Amazon) if
I ever need to backup from one HDD to another : PogoPlug is much cheaper & wireless
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This is just a single disk, no RAID. But for backups I wouldn't look for a single, high quality disk, but rather several separate disks you can backup and rotate your backups to. All disks will fail, even the highest quality ones. So in my point of view you should get a lot of cheap disks. If one fails, it fails and you still have others. I would also rather get a USB dock into which you can just drop any normal disk into.

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sunhuxAuthor Commented:
What about the "stacking" feature of the HGST?  What does it do?
i suppose you can pile the disks on one another..
they don't really say what it is, -  best ask them for more info
here an example of such dock :
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sunhuxAuthor Commented:
Does this 'stacking' or piling enable sort of RAID just by adding extra SATA HDDs to it?
No way a MIL-spec HDD can be sold at that price.  Read the article carefully. It is misleading. The only thing that is MIL-spec is the case.  Big deal.  They put a $39.00 HDD in there that is no better than any other $39.00 HDD.  

Bottom line, 100% of disk drives fail .. eventually.   100% of HDDs get bad blocks.  If you value your data you won't put all  your eggs into a single basket.   Get yourself something that has built-in RAID1 controller that has two disks.
sunhuxAuthor Commented:
At least the casing is dust n moisture proof which is often the cause of HDD failure?  I hv 6 hdd failures which are not due to shock/drops but me pulling out the usb hdd without proper ejection or while I cold boot a frozen laptop
sunhuxAuthor Commented:
Or even it simply fails which I m guessing is due to electro interference or heat?  Was shown by a dealer the silicone power casing can go under a cigarette lighter fr abt 15secs: maybe it is a gimmick or it is true?  I used to see a true MIL Hdd in amazon tt can go into boiling oil n machine gun bullets for abt 2.5 times of other usb hdds but cant find it in amazon anymore.  Anyone can provide me the link to tt MIL hdd?  Cant recall the name/brand
i don't see the case as cause of hdd failure; rather the improper disconnecting will cause errors in the disk content; but not a real disk failure
power casing UNDER a cigarette lighter would not cause trouble either imo

even the mil specced disks would fail the same way if you don't use the proper removal protocol
sunhuxAuthor Commented:
Tks.  Anyone has the link to an Mil Hdd
They're cost prohibitive and unnecessary unless you're putting the HDD on a tank (vibration) or satellite (radiation hardening).  If you want reliable data then get a server-class SSD. That eliminates shock problems, and has a high number of ECC bits to minimize errors.   If you want more reliable data, buy a pair and mirror them.

(Now you shouldn't have to worry about protection for salt water, temperature, or humidity, because your laptop isn't hardened for these either, and that would be the weakest link you'd want to address first)
you can buy Enterprise class drives :

though some reviews say it's not worth the cost
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