Shaky Footage w/ GoPro 4 Black

Two problems emerged when I tried first my GoPro 4 Black -- fish-eye effect and shaky footage. Fish-eye effect can be fixed to a certain extent by using GoPro Studio by sacrificing some sharpness. The greater problem, however, turned out to be the shakiness of picture when taking it when waking casually. I tried Warp Stabilization in Adobe Premiere but the deterioration in quality was dramatic. Now I'm trying the same with Adobe After Effects but it takes hours to stabilize picture of a 5min clip. The floor salesman enthusiastically offered to exchange my GoPro 4 Black for SONY Action Cam AS100V, which does have internal stabilization as well as improved picture quality (let alone it's slightly less expensive). I like the size and shape of GoPro better, though. Will be glad to hear some thought from experts who have experience with this kind of problems. Thanks.
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☠ MASQ ☠Commented:
The Go Pro 4 doesn't have any inherent image stabilisation but you can add a stabiliser externally  for about a quarter of the cost of the camera.  Post-processing to remove shake is never going to provide a satisfactory result.
judicoAuthor Commented:
What kind of an external stabilizer is that? Can you find it in stores? Also, do you think it's a good idea to get the Sony cam instead?
☠ MASQ ☠Commented:
Internal image stabilisation isn't anything like the kind of quality that you'll get from an external 3 axis gimbal mount but external mounts aren't cheap either.  For the GoPro the two real leaders are Feiyu and FunnyPro, the latter has additional motor driven correction but this is expensive on batteries too.

The pros - you will see professional quality image stability - the cons - did I mention the cost?

Maybe you should see if the store will let you walk around the showroom with the Sony and that way you can see if the result is acceptable.  If they have a gimbal stick try that too.  The decision then is you balancing up the improvement an external stabilizer offers against the additional cost.

Here's the Feiyu - before you click the spoiler is it's on a $250 deal down from $400 !!!

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judicoAuthor Commented:
Thanks a lot. I was just thinking of going to the store and doing that. Will let you know what the result is. Also, Adobe After Effects hasn't yet finished the Warp Stabilization of the 5min clip, if you can believe it. The best, save the price, is the Feiyu stick and I'll look into that too. Will be back w/ the report.
judicoAuthor Commented:
OK, now I'm back. There was no other way but to return the GoPro and exchange it for Sony Action Cam HDR-AS200V. The 4K Sony was sold out. First thing, turns out the app for it isn't supported by my iPhone 4S. I'll play with it a little and will let you know how it goes. At this moment I don't actually need 4K because my 15'' Retina MacBook Pro is mid 2012 and isn't supporting it. Will have to trade it in for a newer one and then match it w/ an action cam. Another thing -- I got a very nice $60 DigiPower RF-STB10 stabilizer. Haven't actually tried it yet but seems to be a pretty neat piece of not too expensive equipment. Will keep you posted as this project progresses. Of course, I can close the question right now and award you the points but it seems it may be prudent to wait a day or two in case some problem pops up along the way.
☠ MASQ ☠Commented:
Happy to wait to hear :)
judicoAuthor Commented:
So, now I was able to exchange it again and that latest Sony FDR-X1000V should be it, hands down. The lag when connecting it to iPhone is almost gone let alone that you don't need to connect it first (prior to connecting it through WiFi) to the iPhone bluetooth, as is required with the GoPro. Sony cam connects directly with bluetooth off, using PlayMemories Mobile app (Sony app doesn't work with iPhone 4S but the former app is equally as good). The GoPro app cannot play 4K footage. Haven't tried the Sony 4K yet. I'll do it tomorrow and will let you know. Although the bluetooth connection has to be done only once, it must always be on and that I don't like because it drains unnecessarily the iPhone battery. I took about 40min footage with it, holding it in my hand. The video is visibly stabilized. There's one issue, however, regarding stabilization, which is probably unavoidable. As I'm pointing the cam forward one can see continuous adjustments of the picture. Maybe if I had taken the vid somehow sideways it would've helped. Will try it tomorrow too. Needs some getting used to and practice. Maybe you'll have some ideas as to how to behave during shootout. Will be glad to hear any advice you could share. Otherwise it's a great camera and I guess, as I said, I'll stay with it.
judicoAuthor Commented:
Here's another question. Do you think it's a good idea to replace the fish-eye lens with flat lens: ?
judicoAuthor Commented:
Thanks a lot @MASQ. Stabilization as well as fisheye problem will still remain but the Sony cam seems to be a vast improvement, especially with regard to stabilization. After all, these action cams aren't real cameras but only serve to conveniently grab and keep memories (the app name is quite appropriately named) of one's trips and exercise. I  will keep an eye on this question for a while, in case you feel necessary to add something. All the best.
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