IBM DB2 Query Manager and SQL Development Kit for i not available

Dear Experts,

We have switchover from our Servers (IBM PureFlex) Remote site to Server (IBM PureFlex) Local site. After switchover when I am trying to connect to STRSQL I am getting following message.

"IBM DB2 Query Manager and SQL Development Kit for i not available"

Where as before switchover I was able to connect to STRSQL at Remote site, after

Could anyone help me to solve the issue.

Screen shot is attached for your kind references.
Syed Shareef AhmedSenior System AnalystAsked:
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Either the SQL licensed program is not installed or you have reached the license limit.

Look in your job log using DSPJOBLOG and press F10 to get lower level detail to see what error messages occur before this one.

You can check if the licensed program is installed using GO LICPGM and look for the version of ST1 for your o/s:
5722ST1   *COMPATIBLE  DB2 Query Mgr and SQL DevKit  

Hope this helps!
Kent OlsenDBACommented:
Hi Syed,

The DB2 documentation states that "Either DB2 UDB Query Manager and SQL Development Kit for iSeries is not installed, or the limit for the number of concurrent licensed users has been reached. Refer to the job log for details."

So the first step is to check the job log.

Syed Shareef AhmedSenior System AnalystAuthor Commented:
Barry & Kent,

Thanks for the response, for DSPJOBLOG I get following output
                              Display All Messages                              
                                                             System:   SGPDMM1  
 Job . . :   QPADEV0014    User . . :   QSECOFR       Number . . . :   100867  
     Job 100867/QSECOFR/QPADEV0014 started on 25/05/15 at 16:40:28 in subsystem
       QINTER in QSYS. Job entered system on 25/05/15 at 16:40:28.              
   > /*      */                                                                
 3>> DSPJOBLOG                                                                  
 Press Enter to continue.                                                      
 F3=Exit   F5=Refresh   F12=Cancel   F17=Top   F18=Bottom                      

And when I look for licence using GO LICPGM I find as below screen

                      Display Installed Licensed Programs                      
                                                             System:   SGPDMM1  
 Licensed  Installed                                                            
 Program   Status       Description                                            
 5733QU2   *INSTALLED   IBM DB2 Web Query for i Option 6                        
 5733QU2   *INSTALLED   IBM DB2 Web Query for i Option 7                        
 5733QU3   *INSTALLED   IBM DB2 Web Query Report Broker                        
 5733QU4   *INSTALLED   IBM DB2 Web Query Software Development Kit              
 5733SC1   *INSTALLED   IBM Portable Utilities for i                            
 5733SC1   *INSTALLED   OpenSSH, OpenSSL, zlib                                  
5770ST1   *COMPATIBLE  DB2 Query Mgr and SQL DevKit                            
 5770TC1   *COMPATIBLE  IBM TCP/IP Connectivity Utilities for i                
 5770TS1   *COMPATIBLE  IBM Transform Services for i                            
 5770TS1   *COMPATIBLE  Transforms - AFP to PDF Transform                      
 5770UME   *COMPATIBLE  IBM Universal Manageability Enablement for i            
 5770WDS   *COMPATIBLE  IBM Rational Development Studio for i                  
 5770WDS   *COMPATIBLE  Application Development ToolSet                        
 5770WDS   *COMPATIBLE  ILE RPG                                                
 Press Enter to continue.                        

Could you please guide me further to resolve my issue.
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For the joblog, press F10, then page up to see the error messages, including that 'not available' message and the messages before it.
Post back!
Syed Shareef AhmedSenior System AnalystAuthor Commented:

Thanks again,

Please find attached screen shot taken after pressing f10 then page up.
Gary PattersonVP Technology / Senior Consultant Commented:
My guess:  You probably have a license issue.  If you install the product without properly installing a license key, you get a 70 day grace period, and after that attempts to use the product will fail.  

Fix:  Obtain and valid key.  If you don't know how to do that, call your IBM Business Partner or IBM Support.

You can check your license key with:


- Gary

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Syed Shareef AhmedSenior System AnalystAuthor Commented:
Thanks Gary, I will be working with our IBM Business Partner as advise.
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