Problem formatting external harddrive to NTFS

Hi I have an External Seagate FreeAgent Go harddrive that was used with a Mac laptop.  When I got the drive back and tried to use it with a pc it won't let me copy anything to do.  Originally this drive was NTFS format but now its exFat.  Every time I try to remove the partition in windows and change it to NTFS it freezes up.  I have tried to use DiskPart using the clean command to wipe the drive then try to change it to ntfs but doesn't work.

Does anyone know how i can make this harddive go back to NTFS?

Does seagate have software to fix this drive?
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The disk could be broken. Test it using seagate's diagnostic utility for it. You should find that tool on the seagate site.
snipa911Author Commented:
I used some seatools seagate test software and it did come up with some errors on the drive.  Do you know of a way to low level format the drive back to original?
Dr. KlahnPrincipal Software EngineerCommented:
Check the drive's SMART status using the freeware Passmark Disk Checkup utility.

If the drive's status shows no problems, run the SMART short test, then the SMART long test.  If it passes these then the problem is probably in Windows.  In that case you might try it on a different PC (XP or Vista for preference, if you can find one) and re-structure it there.
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snipa911Author Commented:
Well I have tried the drive on my desktop (win 7 pro) and my laptop also (win 7 pro) and on a mac book and no luck on all three.  All I get is the ability to format it as ExFat or Raw doesn't work for both formats.  
DrKlahn i just ran the Passmark disk checkup.  Short test - Unable to execute self test.
                                                                                   Long test - Unable to execute self test.

When i look at SMART Info tab i get on ID 5 Realocated Sector Count Status is Fail.
Value 8  Worst 8  Threshold 36 Raw VAlue 1894  

What does this mean?
Dr. KlahnPrincipal Software EngineerCommented:
The drive itself, not the enclosure, has failed.
snipa911Author Commented:
So how do i fix it?
Gary CaseRetiredCommented:
"... So how do i fix it? " ==>  You don't.   Hard drives fail.   This one has now done so.   Time to buy a new drive :-)
snipa911Author Commented:
There is no way to low level format this drive?
Dr. KlahnPrincipal Software EngineerCommented:
There's no fix to it other than shipping it to a disk recovery company such as Kroll Ontrack or Seagate Data Recovery Services.  The days of swapping controller boards are gone; controllers are now tuned to the individual drive.

Data recovery is usually priced on a few hundred dollars to evaluate the drive to see if any data can be recovered, then a per-megabyte fee for any data recovered.

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snipa911Author Commented:
I don't need the data on the drive.  Just wanted to use it again.  Ok thanks for your help
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