HP Chemserver Agilent product

I have been looking into finding the source code for HPchemserver from Agilent, but I do not have anything.  However, I was wondering if anyone has experience on installing a HP10.2 application on HP 11i.3 (I prefer Itanium Hardware) but PA would suffice?  At the moment i have trying to see what the application actually does and start looking into other applications or work a rounds.


PS I was wondering on a good source on HPunix j6000 hardware & software manuals.
Jason ArnoldSenior SpecialistAsked:
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Hewlet-Packard company has website at http://www.hp.com
It houses both HP-UX guides and hardware guides for your server.
Why would you jump under itanium titanic? 64bit PC servers of same performance cost like third of itanium...
By HPchemServer you mean Agilent Chemstation Server?
Jason ArnoldSenior SpecialistAuthor Commented:
My understanding, Hpunix 11i.v3 will only run on Itanium or PA-RISC.  Also,  yes it is Chemstation server, but it is the application to install is called HPchemserver where i cannot find any support beyond 10.2 hpunix.

Probably it is an old name of chemstation server. It still has nothing to do with HP.
Current version of chemstation runs on Windows exclusively (Which in turn does not support any itanium in its latest reincarnation)
HP pa-risc desktop is a fancy way to run Debian Linux nowadays... For price of HP-UX support on it you can get top notch PC workstation (with integrated UPS modules, 2 power inputs, RAID storage, 2x4K monitors etc)
I would suggest to contact Agilent (Like calling) to help with replacement HW+SW for HP-UX machine.

(HP made paywall to their downloads last september, before that you could download any HP-UX just registering with email on their site)
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Jason ArnoldSenior SpecialistAuthor Commented:
Thank you for the help,

Agilent does not support this product anymore.

 Our product runs on HPunix 10.2 which runs circles around the newest chemstation on Windows-7 64bit. Therefore, this is the reason why I  have been looking if someone has every installed software from HPunix 10.2 to 11i.v3.  Our software has support for RISC or CISC ( but we never tried CISC).  And I found the CD for the HP Chemserver and it has HPunix 10.2 on it and it was built before any version of Hpunix 11.

Also, our main application uses pieces of HP Chemserver.


PS I cannot find any manuals online for this product.
andyalderSaggar maker's framemakerCommented:
HP Chemserver was made by HP Scientific Instruments Division although it may be a HP-UX box under the hood. They're over 20 years old and as you say there's nothing on HP's web about them. HP Scientific Instruments division was spun-off to form Agilent. Agilent were based in the same building that Dynac/Dymec were based in - those of the upside-down hp => dy logo.

(Just some useless trivia so not worth any points)
Agilent are only ones who knows how to drive your spectrometer using modern computers. Sadly time rolls ahead and windows which boots in 1 minute and crashes every 2 hours won over UNIX which boots 1 hour and crashes every year.

Your old scientific workstation can run HP-UX 11i v3 provided it has 2GB RAM or more. If it has less it can make a museum piece with Debian or NetBSD. (It has 2x PIII-fast CPUs)
Jason ArnoldSenior SpecialistAuthor Commented:
It has 4 gigs of ram and 2x 500 Mhz cpus, boots in 5 mins, and has not crashed for 5 years since we migrated to newer hardware.

Chemstation on windows crashes once a week, have to re-install randomly, hates security, etc.

Nice =>  "hp => dy logo "

Thank you for the help I will keep looking into the usefulness of CHemserver and source code for Chemserver ( to migrate it over)
Let me advertize Linux, here the software that drives some spectrometers:
For that 5 years pitch - google for ksplice and kpatch (later is new, former limited to few distributions, either can keep system up for years with all the patching)
I doubt anybody but some lab of your size and age will have old software with sources, even having it it will be huge work getting it run on x86_64 or Itanium (or even more for SPARC or ARM64).
Jason ArnoldSenior SpecialistAuthor Commented:
Openchrom is pretty nice for R&D but it does not past our requirements for the EPA & ISO. In addition, it is not a production style software.  I looked into several open source and off the shelf software and CHemstation would be the next choice for us but its limit audit trail and its lack of security can cause big issues.  

However, Openchrom I keep looking into it since they are adding features constantly.
Please ask in openchrom list if thay can satisfy your requirements.

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Jason ArnoldSenior SpecialistAuthor Commented:
Thank you I will
Jason ArnoldSenior SpecialistAuthor Commented:
I found that our application with a new build (aka re-compiled with some changes) has the potential of not needing chemserver.  But this will take some time.
Jason ArnoldSenior SpecialistAuthor Commented:
This would be the best solution if recompilation is not possible.
The solution is to sponsor (by writing or money) compliance documents for OSS project, like unrelated R statistics package authors did...
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