Recover deleted data from internal memory of non rooted android device


Sorry for my English, to be more precise the main goal is to recover deleted data from my Moto G (the device is not rooted and has Android 4.4.4 inside) with avoiding any potential data loss.

So my question will be first how backup internal memory of the device or clone it ?  

Then how recover deleted data from it  ?

Thank you
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DevelprogAuthor Commented:
I have tryed Diskinternal Linux Reader tool but it cannot see the Moto G device, seems strange isn't it a Linux OS inside the Moto G ?

Even I have tested a trial version of Wondershare Dr.Fone for Android but it not succeed to get deleted files. It has displayed Message Box saying device need to be rooted.

What about adb tool to clone block memory of my device, must be device rooted If yes how do it with avoiding any loss of data please ?

Thank you
You're not going to find any consumer tool to get your data back.  You certainly also better NOT  even have it powered on, as every moment it is turned on risks additional data loss.  If you want your data back, then  just contact a pro. CAN and WILL get data back from phones, but based on your post about what you may have tried, I am pessimistic they will be able to get a lot of it back.

(Be prepared to spend $500+)
DevelprogAuthor Commented:
If there is no other solution to backup up the Moto G,  here hope to solve this problem with this second option:
the last one I will try it but it seems that the Moto G does not have contact pins to solder wire for JTAG because the battery is not amovible. How to open Moto G battery to use JTAG or maybe just use the microUSB connector of the device then connect it to the JTAG board. has anyone experience on that ?
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What you want to be able to do is use it in target mode, but the problem is that in order to do that, the phone has to be booted.  If you do that, you destroy (some) data.  You might destroy all of it.  It depends on how often the housekeeping daemons optimize free space and how long it has been.

If this was a sd card with your data, then you would be OK.  but it is not.  Sure, you could desolder the chip and destroy the phone in the process, and likely all possibility of a successful recovery by a professional ...

I see it has extremely high risk of failure and permanent loss of data trying this.   Have you even tried to contact krollontrack?   It is typically no cost to get a quote.    If you MUST try this yourself, first buy TWO moto g (one with  a broken screen  and attempt recovery with that.  
-> Transfer the chip from the phone with broken screen to another moto G and see if you can read it.   I doubt you will be successful, however.   I can't imagine they would NOT be looking at the unique id of the chip and reject mounting the foreign identifier.

If you get lucky and can read the chip from the phone with the broken screen into the other moto g you bought, you can risk trying again with the phone that has the data.

If you fail, then at least you didn't screw up the phone with the data, and can save your money and have a professional recover it some time in the future.

(But you BETTER have industrial precision solder/desoldering iron, a high speed digital oscilloscope, and tiny, tiny fingers)

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DevelprogAuthor Commented:
Hi Dlethe,
Thank you for clarification. I don'get when you say "desolder the chip" what is the chip exactly ? Do you mean the internal sdcard of the Moto G? What sort of signal will the oscilloscope mesures?
I will contact krollontrack
Thank you
Yes, the internal sdcard.  Use the scope to check voltages and signals on each of the pins to measure voltage and signals, in event you have problem.  (But as this wasn't obvious .. it is a sign that  you don't have experience doing this sort of work, which is another reason an attempt will likely make things worse)
DevelprogAuthor Commented:
So if I understood well if I unscrew rear side of the phone I will see the internal sdcard then I have only to pull it or may I desolder it? I (know that 15 Watt solder machine is better for this sort of soldering or less of 30 watt). In fact I know about oscilloscope usage but I don't have so is the oscilloscope mandatory or can I try with multimeter and at least I can check maybe some pins GND, VCC ( 5volt most of the case I think). In fact what I don't have is the schema of connections because I have a JTAG device..
i hve no idea what the inside of that phone looks like.   You were the one that first wrote that there was an internal card soldered to the board, so I assumed you physically examined it.   (If such a thing existed, it would be a surface mount chip which is something that was wave soldered by a robotic inserter, which would be nearly impossible for a human to remove.
DevelprogAuthor Commented:
It was not really a certitude but a question mark that an internal card is soldered because Unfortunatly I have not seen inside the phone and don't know how can be an internal sdcard even I'm curious to see it :).

I have contacted Krollontrack but they said don't working with Moto G device and said me that they can do nothing to help me.

Now I'm stuck, what can be done now ? may it will help to connect the device to a Linux machine or unscrewing the device and try to find pins for eventual jtag connection or something?  

Thank you
Then open up the phone and post pictures. Also if you have a minimum budget of $500 then start searching for data recovery firms that deal with this phone.   (But as I wrote, I am pessimistic you will find any).   Bottom line, high probability the data is gone forever.
DevelprogAuthor Commented:
Because of hard to find a firm to get all the data back for this device and not enough expertise on that specific device, to be realistic best is to avoid any risk by open up the phone. At least the device will be alive.
good call. This is really a situation where if you can't google somebody who has a business doing such things, then any DIY attempt iis doomed to destroy the phone.
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