Oracle BI (OBIEE) Management Tools

Could anyone provide a basic summary of the management tools you use if you manage oracle business intelligence, and a quick breakdown of which tool is used for what purposes. I have some understanding of enterprise manager, but OBIEE seems to come with a suite of management tools for specific tasks, so a summary of each would be great.
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Haris DulicIT ArchitectCommented:

I'll try make it as simple as possible. OBIEE is a set of applications that are deployed on Weblogic application server and managed from Enterprise manager. All configuration and management for the all of the applications included in the OBIEE is done either from Weblogic or EM depending of the type of the change.

When talking about the management of the data sources, design and building of the presentation model all this is done in the BI Administration tool which is standalone application hosted on the server where you install your OBIEE instance. You can have it also installed locally on your station and the connect to OBIEE Server. Administration tool help you link your data from the any kind of database (flat file, RDBMs, Excel, ESSBASE, etc) by transforming it and the presenting it to end users.

End users access the components of the OBIEE from web browser, mobile application,MS Office integration, web services.

OBIEE includes following applications for preparations of the reports and dashboards and its delivery to end users:

Analytics - main report and dashboard tool where you create various reports from the Cubes as part of Analysis and Interactive Reporting.
BI publisher - OBIEE also include BI published component where you create "static" reports
delivery - enables you to create agents and/or action which will deliver reports and/or alerts to end users
MapViewer - OBIEE component for creation Map based reports
ESSAPP- integration with ESSBASE i.e. enabling you to use ESSBASE as a source for the cubes

Hope this helps:) If you need more info regarding specific topic, let me know...

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pma111Author Commented:
thanks that does help much appreciated.
You might also find real user reviews for Oracle OBIEE on IT Central Station to be helpful. Many users discuss the different management aspects of OBIEE that are valuable to their companies. As an example, this user writes that the OBIEE applications she finds most valuable are, "Dashboards, Alerts, BI Publisher. Together these 3 features make this product a great tool to present data. Users can also create ad hoc analyses easily. Integrates very well with a wide variety of data sources making it easy to present data from multiple sources in a single place." You can read the rest of her review here:

You can also find real user reviews for Oracle Enterprise Manager on IT Central Station. As an example, this user writes, "Database performance monitoring, dashboards, databases management and Dataguard setup and monitoring are the features that I like the most." For his full review:

I hope you find this helpful.
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