Open source easy-to-customize call center solution?


I am new in this technology. But I want to learn this problem for my personal skills. Everything should be open source API.

 1. How do client systems get  calls on their systems? (What Hardware need to be configure)
 2. After Getting call on their system, I need to get that number and hit to my API to get information from my database system, if exists. Else I can able to fill the user details and do entry in the DB.
What are the hardware required for setup above feature and what are the open source software needed to fulfill my requirements?

Ankit SinghalAsked:
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José MéndezCommented:
For the software, go with Asterisk. It is very powerful and flexible PBX. You won't get a turn-key solution, but you will certainly be empowered.

The hardware platform depends on several factors. To share a few:
- Are you going to connect PRI or FXO Lines to connect to the rest of the world? If so, your hardware will need to match certain specifications, like PCI Express slots where to accommodate telephony cards
- How many simultaneous calls will it be supporting?
- What codec will they use? The lower the bit rate, the higher the compression load on the CPU.

If you connect to your provider through SIP TRunks, you may skip all the hardware checks related to the telephony cards telephony cards.

1. How do client systems get  calls on their systems?  This is a broad question, doesn't seem fair to reply in much detail. Basically you may use softphones (like, or you may incorporate desk phones like the grandstream gxp2130. Calls arrive through SIP trunk to your Asterisk box, then the logic you programmed will try to connect with an available agent or with a voice recorded menu.
2. You may surely connect to your database

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Ankit SinghalAuthor Commented:
Thanks willlywilburwonka for your response. I got some answer in your post.

Now I am planning to do one thing. I am mentioning below. Please let me know if I am wrong.
1. I am installing Asterisk on Raspberry Pi board and connect with cloud server.
2. I am installing FreePBX on Raspberry pi board and configure the 25 phones at different-different places. (Just I thought this even I don't know is it possible or not. Please give me suggestion)
3. I will setup my service on Pi board and interact with database for caller details (respective to each phone calls) and process the data.

If above process is possible, please let me know how to proceed with this approach.

Thanks in advance.

Ankit SinghalAuthor Commented:
Asked some more doubts on same question. Waiting for his response.
José MéndezCommented:
I've never tried Raspberry Pi at all. Even though, I bet it is all possible. Just can't say how realistic or  truly useful  it would be, thinking about a serious business. For learning purposes, hell yeah!
Ankit SinghalAuthor Commented:
Thanks a lot willlywilburwonka. I got your point and I will try the same.

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