WIFI -- WPA2 switch from personal to enterprise ?

1. How can I setup so only JohnDoe's main
   laptop can connect to WIFI, preventing
   his tablet, phone, etc from connecting
   since these devices are NOT work related ?
     ** maybe do something via MAC address ?

2. Can I do the above on the UniFi devices
   I already have without needing a radius
   server ?

3. If not, what radius server do you recommend
   for my Windows 2012 server environment ?
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You can enable MAC address filtering on wifi router and add only laptop wifi mac address.
This way only allowed MAC address will have access to wifi network

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Craig BeckCommented:
Use computer certificates and EAP-TLS.  That will only allow domain-joined machines which present a certificate to connect.  All other devices won't have a certificate and the RADIUS policy won't allow MSCHAPV2 logins.

MAC filtering is weak and shouldn't be considered as a security method nowadays.
finance_teacherAuthor Commented:
What radius server do you recommend for my Windows 2012 server environment ?
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Craig BeckCommented:
Windows has NPS.  Just install the role.
Why is MAC filtering is not good security, what should be done if one has devices like phone and tables and need wifi on those devices.
Craig BeckCommented:
Either PEAP-MSCHAPV2 (for ease of deployment) or EAP-TLS with X.509 certificates is the way to do it.

MAC filtering can be circumvented simply by spoofing a MAC address.
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