Complicated query will not run

Here is the very complicated SQL code of a query I am trying to run.  But when I run it I get a message... "This expression is typed incorrectly, or it is to complex to be evaluated....."  Can someone see what I'm doing wrong?

SELECT [Participant Nat'l Data Table].[Group Number], Count([Participant Nat'l Data Table].[Group Number]) AS [Count], Avg([Participant Nat'l Data Table].PREINDknowAvg) AS Leadership_Pre, Avg([Participant Nat'l Data Table].PostAvgINDKOL) AS Leadership_PostT, Avg([Participant Nat'l Data Table].Leadership_PostP) AS AvgOfLeadership_PostP, Avg([PREINDknowAvg]/[Leadership_PostP]) AS Leadership_Change, Avg([Participant Nat'l Data Table].PREINDmissAVG) AS Mission_Pre, Avg([Participant Nat'l Data Table].POstAvgINDmiss) AS Mission_PostT, Avg([Participant Nat'l Data Table].Mission_PostP) AS AvgOfMission_PostP, Avg([PREINDmissAVG]/[Mission_PostP]) AS Mission_Change, Avg([Participant Nat'l Data Table].PreINDAvgDVKOI) AS DomesticV_Pre, Avg([Participant Nat'l Data Table].PostINDAvgDVKOI) AS DomesticV_PostT, [Participant Nat'l Data Table].DomesticV_PostP, Avg([PreINDAvgDVKOI]/[DomesticV_PostP]) AS DomesticV_Change, Avg([Participant Nat'l Data Table].EC1_pre) AS Satisfaction_Pre, Avg([Participant Nat'l Data Table].EC1_post) AS Satisfaction_PostT, [Participant Nat'l Data Table].Satisfaction_PostP, Avg([EC1_Pre]/[Satisfaction_PostP]) AS Satisfaction_Change, Avg([Participant Nat'l Data Table].EC2_pre) AS AvgOfEC2_pre, Avg([Participant Nat'l Data Table].EC2_post) AS AvgOfEC2_post, Avg([EC2_Post]/[EC2_Pre]) AS EC2AvgChg, Avg([Participant Nat'l Data Table].EC3_pre) AS AvgOfEC3_pre, Avg([Participant Nat'l Data Table].EC3_post) AS AvgOfEC3_post, Avg([EC3_Post]/[EC3_Pre]) AS EC3AvgChg, [Participant Program Entry Table].StartDate, [Participant Program Entry Table].EndDate
FROM [Participant Program Entry Table] INNER JOIN [Participant Nat'l Data Table] ON [Participant Program Entry Table].[Participant Number] = [Participant Nat'l Data Table].[Participant Number]
GROUP BY [Participant Nat'l Data Table].[Group Number], [Participant Nat'l Data Table].DomesticV_PostP, [Participant Nat'l Data Table].Satisfaction_PostP, [Participant Program Entry Table].StartDate, [Participant Program Entry Table].EndDate
HAVING ((([Participant Program Entry Table].EndDate) Between [Forms]![frmReportDateParameter]![txtStart] And [Forms]![frmReportDateParameter]![txtEnd]));

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Please note:  It runs fine if I delete the last of three test records in the table "Participant Nat'l Data Table" which has several zero's in some of the fields.  It also runs fine if I replace the zeros with a number greater than 0.
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The query tries to get an average of A/B without checking the value of B first. If B is zero, the query will fail with a "divide by zero" error. Change the query to use NZ or IsNull (I don't remember which one Access uses) to avoid the "divide by zero" problem.
Count([Participant Nat'l Data Table].[Group Number])  - counts the number of not null values of Group Number in the set.
Count(*)  - counts all the returned records and is more efficient so always use Count(*) unless you really want to count only not null values.

I did a couple.  Make sure you find them all.  I had the expression return 0 if the divisor was null or 0.  You might want to return something different.

IIf(Nz([Mission_PostP],0) = 0, 0, Avg([PREINDmissAVG]/[Mission_PostP])) AS Mission_Change
IIf(Nz([DomesticV_PostP], 0) = 0, 0,  Avg([PreINDAvgDVKOI]/[DomesticV_PostP])) AS DomesticV_Change
IIf(Nz([Satisfaction_PostP], 0) = 0, 0, Avg([EC1_Pre]/[Satisfaction_PostP])) AS Satisfaction_Change

PS - you might want to consider using names that do not include spaces or special characters.  Your query is extremely difficult to read.

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SteveL13Author Commented:
There are 6 total expressions.  I replaced the code with you suggested code (as per the 3 you coded, and still cannot get the query to run.
When I have a query that has a syntax error that Access isn't clearly identifying, I break it up.  Save the query as it is now.  Then start removing parts of it until you get to something that will run.  Then add the calculations back one at a time.
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