NYC trip for a day, logistics..

experts familiar with the city; can you advise:

the flight has a layover Friday night (Philly-penn) and takes off Sunday am. the sat is free and rental car given.

desire to go into city and mainly see attraction
*Empire State Building
*Statue of liberty
*Culture-specific locale/attractions (Italy town, India town, china town etc) (this is could be mid day to have a cultural lunch etc)

the time frame is flexible.. but perhaps want to hit the NYC city subways by 8am, giving 8-12 hours for the sight-seeing (depending on how much energy is left @ end of day!)

yes, we will have some sneakers to walk!  :)
*how would you suggest the travel (which comes first) and more efficient for traversing around
*do you sense the timeframe and the 3 spots is well spaced for unrushed experience?
*would you recommend any other top class attractions right next to ESB or Sol (without losing much leg time)..
*where would you recommend parking the car? (prefer to take subway train after coming into city by car). what are the pros and cons of parking in NJ versus NYC

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I can't help much with the Statue of Liberty visit, but we found there were plenty of parking garages in midtown that seemed sufficiently safe and not ridiculously expensive ($25-30 on Saturday). Pick one that you feel is a short walk from the Empire State building, since you may want to go up to see the city both by day and at night. From there, you can get the subway to wherever you might like to go.
Hi there 25112:
Will there be children along with you on this one day visit to New York?
25112Author Commented:
yes, one teen. (3 generations.. but all can walk well and fast)
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The Empire State Building which is on your list of things you plan to do, has multiple attractions. In the lobby is a visitor center. The main deck is on the 86th floor. On that floor is a nice gift shop where your kids can spend some of your money. (joke)
This gives you some souvenirs to take home or gifts for others.
They have Empire State Building apparel, books, ornaments and many 0ther items.
The building has shops and restaurants. Take your camera for the right to the top.
With the Statute of Liberty on Ellis Island you require the ferry to get there. Here are some tips which say arrive 2 hours before possible ferry departure.
Liberty Island has many picnic areas and this can help you avoid time delays and the lines and prices of their concession stands.

Central Park has a zoo with surely most animals of the world, castles, and many other attractions.

As far as transportation when we were there years ago, there are one way streets, taxis every where. It was not easy negotiating traffic to get where we wanted to go as well as being able to see where we were going due to all the tall buildings.
Taxi may be expensive so subway may be your best bet unless you wish to hire a driver for your rental car. They know how to get to where you are going in the fastest way.

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25112Author Commented:
thank you- appreciate it.
Have a nice trip!
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