Computer Directory Won't display any drives

My computer will not display the contents contained in the "Computer" Directory. The progress bar will go on for about 5 minutes as if searching for the drives but even when it ends, nothing is displayed. I have 2 hard drives, 2 dvd drives and a card reader that all usually show.  These items cannot be found by attempting to expand the computer in the left hand pane in explorer. computer-scrnshot.png
Not sure if the issue is linked or not, but when i right click on my desktop or any explorer, my explorer stops responding and must be restarted. I am currently narrowing down the culprit using ShellExView, with all context menu items disabled, i am able to right click again.. just a thought that this could be a related issue..
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Danny RobinsonIT Support ConsultantCommented:
Is your devices working correctly, can you open computer manager

Click start and open computermgmt.msc , check all you devices.

I would run a sfc /scannow in Command promt (run as administrator)
Also running updates may solve common problems.

Many Thanks
BriPCAuthor Commented:
How do i fix this?

Computer management hangs as well...
Did this just start recently?  If so, try a System Restore to a date before this started.

If no help, I suggest a Repair Install.
This should not affect your personal data or installed programs but a backup first is always a good idea.
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BriPCAuthor Commented:
It's been a while now, about 2 months... repair install sounds good, I was hoping it was something simple but this should do the trick.. I'll let ya know :)
Danny RobinsonIT Support ConsultantCommented:
Yeah agreed a system repair may be a good idea.
i found a repair  does not often help  - but i hope for you it does
if it does not, you may need a fresh install

you can also look in event viewer for errors -  there may be a clue to what is wrong here
Danny RobinsonIT Support ConsultantCommented:
When the issue is occurring , try getting a screen shot of an error that would be relating to the issue and post it here see if we can determine what's going on.
Spike99On-Site IT TechnicianCommented:
Have you tried disconnecting the card reader, 2nd hard drive & the DVD drives to see if this allows you to see the C: drive?

If it does, I would reconnect one at a time & try again until you have identified which one is causing the issue.
also -  in some cases, running sfc a second time helps too
Spike99On-Site IT TechnicianCommented:
It could be that the power supply is failing & isn't providing enough juice to spin up all those drives.  Disconnecting all the extra drives as I suggested could help diagnose that issue as well.

If it's a bad power supply, this page has good screenshots on how to replace a power supply:
I am not sure how your negative comment about Repair Install is helpful to BriPC.
it does not necessarily- it is just what i have observed
AND i always give other solutions

not sure why you ask that ? am i not entitled to post my opinion, and give other useful comments?
What is the status of your problem?  Did a Repair Install help?
BriPCAuthor Commented:
so, get this... a DVD was in one of the drives, i noticed that the culprit was steady flashing sets of 3 lights and nothing should have been running on the drive. I removed the darn disk and viola! everything is back to normal!

I can't believe that's all it was. something so small...  I was going to report back right then but wanted to make sure that it was fixed... thank you for the reminder..

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BriPCAuthor Commented:
This was the solution, it was a damaged DVD trying to be read in a drive. once removed, all is well in the world again
Thanks for telling us the solution.
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