Coldfusion and MS SQL - like clause returns erratic results

I have a query that sometimes is case sensitive and sometimes is not.  At least that's what I'm seeing.  I can type "may" in the input element "SelectKeyword" and the query returns 0 rows.  I can type "May" and it returns several rows.  It depends on timing I think.  If I type "promo" it returns several rows.  When I type "may" again it may or may not return rows.

<cfinvoke component="cfc.basic" method="getEmailers" returnvariable="qPages">
	<cfinvokeargument name="year" value="#attributes.year#">
	<cfinvokeargument name="type_id" value="#attributes.type_id#">
	<cfinvokeargument name="status_id" value="#attributes.status_id#">
	<cfinvokeargument name="SelectDate" value="#attributes.SelectDate#">
	<cfinvokeargument name="SelectMailerID" value="#val(attributes.SelectMailerID)#">
	<cfinvokeargument name="SelectKeyword" value="#attributes.SelectKeyword#">
	<cfinvokeargument name="sort_order" value="#attributes.sort_order#">
	<cfinvokeargument name="sort_col" value="#attributes.sort_col#">
	<cfinvokeargument name="start" value="#variables.start#">
	<cfinvokeargument name="stop" value="#variables.stop#">

<cffunction name="getEmailers">
		<cfargument name="eID" required="False" type="Numeric" default="0">
		<cfargument name="service_id" required="False" type="Numeric" default="0">
		<cfargument name="year" required="False" type="string" default="">
		<cfargument name="type_id" required="False" type="string" default="">
		<cfargument name="status_id" required="False" type="string" default="">
		<cfargument name="SelectDate" required="False" type="string" default="">
		<cfargument name="SelectMailerID" required="False" type="string" default="">
		<cfargument name="SelectKeyword" required="False" type="string" default="">
		<cfargument name="sort_order" required="False" type="string" default="Asc">
		<cfargument name="sort_col" required="False" type="string" default="">
		<cfargument name="start" required="False" type="Numeric" default="1">
		<cfargument name="stop" required="False" type="Numeric" default="10">
		<cfset local.qResults = "">
		<cfif arguments.SelectDate neq "">

		<cfquery name="local.qResults" datasource="#request.dsn#">
			FROM (
					<cfif arguments.sort_col neq "">
						ORDER BY #arguments.sort_col# #arguments.sort_order#, a.ID DESC
				 )) AS ROWNUM
				 , A.description
				 , A.subject
				 , A.send_priority_id
				 , A.created_date
				 , A.created_by_id
				 , A.ab_flag
				 , A.from_id
				 , A.replyto_id
				 , A.calllist_id
				 , A.type_id
				 , A.status_id
				 , A.service_id
				 , A.comm_file_flag
				 , A.cms_flag
				 , A.drip_count
				 , A.unsubscribe_email_id
				 , A.preheader
				 , AS create_name
				 , AS reply_name
				 , A.date_last_run
						admin_users AS B ON A.created_by_id = B.adminID LEFT OUTER JOIN
							admin_users AS C ON A.replyto_id = C.adminID
				WHERE 0=0
					<cfif val(arguments.eID) NEQ "0">AND = <cfqueryparam value="#arguments.eID#" /></cfif>
					<cfif val(arguments.service_id) NEQ "0">AND A.service_id = <cfqueryparam value="#arguments.service_id#" /></cfif>
					<!---<cfif arguments.year neq "">AND A.created_date = <cfqueryparam value="#arguments.year#" /></cfif>--->
					<cfif arguments.type_id neq "">AND A.type_id = <cfqueryparam value="#arguments.type_id#" /></cfif>
					<cfif arguments.status_id neq "">
						AND A.status_id = <cfqueryparam value="#arguments.status_id#" />
						AND A.status_id <> <cfqueryparam value="4" />
					<cfif arguments.SelectDate neq ""> and DATEADD(dd, DATEDIFF(dd, 0, date_last_run), 0) = '#replace(arguments.SelectDate,",","")#'</cfif>
					<cfif val(arguments.SelectMailerID) gt 0>
						AND = <cfqueryparam value="#val(arguments.SelectMailerID)#" />
					<cfif arguments.SelectKeyword neq "">AND LIKE <cfqueryparam value="%#arguments.SelectKeyword#%" cfsqltype="varchar" /></cfif>
				) AS Team2
			WHERE ROWNUM BETWEEN #arguments.start# and #arguments.stop#
		<cfreturn local.qResults />

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It's unclear what you mean by "when I type May"  do you mean when you use the word "May" for the parameter:  arguments.SelectKeyword ?

SQL Server is not case sensitive.

I do see that  you are limiting the number of rows you return, that could be the reason for hiding and showing certain values.   If you are only showing 10 records, than the results may be hidden if they would appear after the 10th record.   I would test by changing it so all records appear and not varying any other parameter (sort order, etc) until you are sure of your results.   Using Coldfusion debug you should be able to look at the query in the debug and see what the query looks like to see if the where clause  or order is changing

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lantervAuthor Commented:
As usual, you are right.  One stupid keystroke in the code.  I hate wasting your time and mine.  Thank you very much.
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