Problem installing MS Net Framework 4.0 Client during Nero 2015 Platinum install

I am trying to install Nero 2015 Platinum on a Windows 7 HP workstation. The first thing the installation process attempts to do is install MS Net Framework 4.0 Client. The installation fails. Any ideas what the problem might be?
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dbruntonQuid, Me Anxius Sum?  Illegitimi non carborundum.Commented:
Try the Microsoft NET Framework Repair tool

If that doesn't work, then report back.  There are other methods besides this one.
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
In addition to the Microsoft tool, try NETfx Setup Verifier 

The .zip file that contains the tool also contains a file named history.txt that lists when the most recent version of the tool was published and what changes have been made to the tool over time. It can usually repair as well as verify.


The .NET Framework setup verification tool supports verifying the following products:

.NET Framework 1.0
.NET Framework 1.1
.NET Framework 1.1 SP1
.NET Framework 2.0
.NET Framework 2.0 SP1
.NET Framework 2.0 SP2
.NET Framework 3.0
.NET Framework 3.0 SP1
.NET Framework 3.0 SP2
.NET Framework 3.5
.NET Framework 3.5 SP1
.NET Framework 4 Client
.NET Framework 4 Full
.NET Framework 4.5
Starbuck67Author Commented:

I ran the repair tool, but it did not solve the issue. See attached images.
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JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Two things to try

First, try System File Checker. Open cmd.exe with Run as Administrator and then run SFC /SCANNOW. Allow to complete, shut down, start up and test.

Second, try Windows 7 Repair Install. You need a working recovery partition or the Windows 7 DVD. Here is a Seven Forums tutorial to assist.
Starbuck67Author Commented:
John Hurst:

I ran the setup verifier program. The current version of Net Framework is 1.1.

Product verification succeeded.

Tried installation of Nero 2015. Net Framework installation still failed.
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
.NET Framework 1.1 is long dead and gone and will not run properly on Windows 7. It should not be there. See if it can be uninstalled via Programs and Features.

Then go to Programs and Features, Windows Features and uncheck .NET Framework there. Close out, restart, go back and check (add) .NET Framework. Restart again and test.
dbruntonQuid, Me Anxius Sum?  Illegitimi non carborundum.Commented:
Also run chkdsk on the drive concerned in case there is a faulty sector or file system.

Then get the NET Framework Cleanup Tool.  

See for lots more information and guide.

Afterwards do a reinstall.
Starbuck67Author Commented:
John Hurst:

Removed Net Framework 1.1 and performed rest of instructions. Version of Net Framework installed is 3.5.1 according to attached image 6.

Ran SFC per earlier suggestion and received report in attached image 5. There is also a CBS.log that is 144MB that could not be attached here.

I did a repair install about two months ago as directed in another issue I had posted here.
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
The SFC error is normal - happens a lot and nothing to be concerned about.

So then the next step is a Windows 7 Repair Install. For this, you need an working recovery partition or the Windows 7 DVD. Here is a Seven Forums Tutorial to assist.
Starbuck67Author Commented:

Can you run chkdsk on a SSD drive?

Is the  NET Framework Repair tool the same as the NET Framework Cleanup Tool that you had me use earlier?
Starbuck67Author Commented:
John Hurst

Having done a Windows 7 Repair Install two months ago, is this necessary to do again?
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
is this necessary to do again?  <-- If it is not working properly then probably yes.

It may be time to consider backing up the system, formatting and reinstalling Windows.
dbruntonQuid, Me Anxius Sum?  Illegitimi non carborundum.Commented:
>>  Can you run chkdsk on a SSD drive?


From the command line

chkdsk c:

Don't use the /f and /r parameters.  Especially DONT use the /r parameter.  You'll probably have to schedule the chkdsk to be performed on reboot.

Because it's an SSD there should be NO bad sectors.  Possible file system corruption though which is what we are looking for here.  I'm not expecting any but won't hurt to look.  Not looking to fix anything but just report.

And this will show you how to find the chkdsk log.
Starbuck67Author Commented:

No problems found.
dbruntonQuid, Me Anxius Sum?  Illegitimi non carborundum.Commented:
Right, then your file system is OK.

Then get the NET Framework Cleanup Tool.  

See for lots more information and guide.

That should let you remove NET Framework 4.

Afterwards do a reinstall of NET Framework 4.
When installing Nero just skip the .netframework.
Instead update your system and update drivers prior. Then just ignore the ,netframework if offered, I use Nero as well.
Windows updates usually offer this via your updates, check if it was already intalled for your version of windows, as in 32 bit or 64bit. The latest version I have is

Security Update for Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5, 4.5.1 and 4.5.2 on Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 x86 (KB3035490)
Installation date: ‎Sat/‎16/‎5/‎15 12:22 AM
Installation status: Successful

Update type: Important
A security issue has been identified in a Microsoft software product that could affect your system. You can help protect your system by installing this update from Microsoft. For a complete listing of the issues that are included in this update, see the associated Microsoft Knowledge Base article. After you install this update, you may have to restart your system.

More information:
Starbuck67Author Commented:

The installation procedure that Nero 2015 uses automatically starts with a Net Framework 4.0 Client installation. I guess what I would do is to just continue the installation after the Net Framework installation failed.

I am just finishing up doing the Windows 7 Repair Install. After completing the install, MS found about 180 additional updates that were needed and I am working through them. Hopefully after that everything should be up to date.

I will try doing the Nero 2015 installation after that.
Starbuck67Author Commented:
Finished all the updates until MS finds more. Receive an error on the Net Framework 4.0 that was part of the update process. See images.
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Try the Windows Update Readiness tool. Download and run.   (for 64-bit)

Also try the Fix-It on the Windows Update Troubleshooter site.

As I noted earlier, this machine may have deeper troubles and may need a fresh Windows Install.

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Have you rebooted
Your first screenshot only shows available updates you ok on that then install updates. 
I hope your giving windows updates exclusive time and not do anything else while they install?

Please look in the installed updates history, do you have any updates errors?
go to control panel all windows updates , on the left
view updates historyupdates historyMight be a good idea to check to your reliability monitor
go to your search type in reli that's all and just wait a moment it will appear at the top please click on it and check the recorded events.
Do you have windows service pack one installed?
Any Nero components installed?
Starbuck67Author Commented:

Only failed items are multiple attempts to install Net Framework 4.0
See attached Reliability Report.
Not at this time. All Nero components removed on date displayed in Reliability Report.
Starbuck67 unless you specifically need Adobe AIR
 I'd suggest you uninstall it. Adobe installs Air with updates
Adobe AIR is a developer's tool for creating platform-independent web applications that can be run on a user's desktop.
The Adobe AIR runtime enables developers to package the same code into native applications and games for Windows and Mac OS desktops
Nero Vision may fail if the video drivers are not up to date. Or this lightscribe is not installed right since Nero will use the DVD rom.
Nero Vision may encounter problems with windows 7 directx and divx codecs please take a look here for steps to fix it  possibly.

Your problems started on the 24th May.
As I see it reinstalling windows we need to take our time and follow a sequence allowing all the updates to install first, Then check the running tasks to see what else is pending, look around to ensure no other program have a problem. Look in the events for any error messages we can use to identify the culprit.
If you have Norton then check what services are running  Norton is very restrictive.
Check windows Defender is disabled in control panel /All as you only need one AV running.
Check your FF is up to date then it will also tell you flash needs updating.
With the dot netframework you may need Silverlight,
I installed it just incase,
sldo there was an update I checked this morning on my other system for .netframework 3 something even though I have 4 something also installed.
So here in could be glitch.
I just don't know what you have been doing at the same time during this re-installing journey.
But if you do two or more installing at the same time could damage the registry.
I use ccleaner with caution to delete old reg keys and temp files.
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Starbuck67Author Commented:
The problem has not been resolved. I have chosen to not install the latest version of Nero that seems to required NET Framework 4.0.

At some point in the future when I have a lot of free time, I will probably reinstall Windows 7 Pro. When I do reinstall Windows 7 Pro, I will be sure to review the suggestions made regarding this.

At this point everything else is working fine.
Starbuck67Author Commented:
I went to close out this issue by assigning the 500  points to three different people. I gave the solution an A since I believe the problem will be solved once I reinstall Windows 7 Pro.

I received the following error message...

You must assign a minimum of 50 points to all answers.

I don't have time to fiddle with what ever totally un understandable rule this is. Quite frankly it is a waste of my time.

Please assign the points as follows...Merte 100,  John Hurst 300 and dbrunton 100. If this can't be done, my apologies to the people who helped me...I tried.
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
You should be able to do what you wish by selecting "Select Multiple Answers" and try that.
Starbuck67Author Commented:
Hi John,

That is exactly what I did.
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
I clicked on Request Attention so that a Moderator may assist here.
Starbuck67Author Commented:
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