Reconfiguring HP switches to account for firm growth and Shoretel Premise based phone system

It is going to be difficult to keep this short but I here it goes...

Recently, our premise based phone system, Shoretel, had an issue and the phones basically rebooted themselves.  The PCs are daisy chained through the phones so this also knocked out the PCs.  Our phone vendor nor Shoretel could accurately say what caused the issue, but they did recommend that we make some changes, mainly separating the voice and data traffic, seperate VLANS.  Our business is spread across three floors, HP 2920 stacked switches on each floor and a stacked 3800 as the core.  After taking a look at the switch configs, they are all out of the box with no real config attached.  Below is my plan change and I welcome anyone to critique, question, tear apart, tell me it's the worst idea ever, etc..etc..  Any feedback would be welcome..,

Voice VLAN 192.168.103/24
Servers VLAN 192.168.100/24
18th floor VLAN
19th floor VLAN
3rd floor VLAN
LLDP-MED Voice VLAN on Core/ switches
Layer 3 routing on core 3800’s

·         Enable spanning tree
·         Establish VLANs and routing on core and MPLS vendors and Firewall
·         Configure trunking on all uplinks between switchs
·         Create DHCP scopes for required VLANs in active directory
·         Tag all ports with the correct VLANs keeping printers in the correct range and VLAN
·         Work with phone vendor to migrate all equipment to the routed VLAN
·         Verify all services and phones are working

Looking forward to the replies.
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If you can choose - Voice should be VLAN with least VLAN number.
All ports with phones or hosts attached should be configured with  
spanning-tree <port_num> admin-edge-port
to eliminate spanning tree listening/learning delay.
You could use RSTP or MSTP instead of STP.
Why VLAN per floor? VLANs are logical units (like servers, voice, departments etc) not physical, you can have all PC-s in one VLAN (depending on number of hosts) but I guess that you have your reasons.
Voice traffic should be prioritized (at least on WAN of edge router).
And PC-s should not have access to voice VLAN (filter traffic with ACL).
Work with phone vendor to migrate all equipment to the routed VLAN
or you can move everything else to different IP range, and  that way - no need to reconfigure phones at all? That way transition could be less painfull. Move phones to let's say VLAN10 and keep address range and all configurations intact. Maybe you will need some small adjustments (default gateway, ip option xx, ip helper address or something like that...) :)

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