RIP WAN Advertising Default Route BSD/Unix

We're trying to implement a RIP WAN where Site A is the only internet facing site.

We use pfSense firewalls across all sites which are BSD based, the standard BSD RIP Daemon 'routed' is install and enabled.

Site A is advertising all of its routes correctly except for the default route and I'm completely stumped on how to get this to work correctly.

I've tried things such as
root@localhost: routed -g
~ routed -F 0/0,1
Adding fake_default=1 to /etc/gateways

If I try to do something like adding this to /etc/gateways
net gateway metric 1 active

I get a bad net message saying I can't have that as the default route which is confusing as I can find a few people that have used something like that as an example or in lab scenarios.

Cisco routers have the "default-originate" command which takes care of this function and from reading the routed(8) article on the BSD page it would appear that "routed -g" SHOULD do the same but using this option seems to do nothing.

Am I missing something here? Or are there more hoops to jump through to get this default route to go out?
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Usually you need a mask/netmask net mask
Not sure whether CIDR notation will be accepted.
auscomAuthor Commented:
Example from BSD page
net Nname[/mask] gateway Gname metric value <passive | active | extern>

Have tried
net gateway metric 1 active
net mask gateway metric 1 active

Also tried playing with the subnet parameter: subnet=nname[/mask][,metric]

All with no luck when starting up the routed daemon it reports there is a bad line in /etc/gateways

If I add to Site B's /etc/gateways
net 0/0 gateway metric 1 active

This seems to be the correct format as it accepts the line but then reports
bad net "0/0" in /etc/gateways entry "net 0/0 gateway metric 1 active"--cannot be default
Look at routed manual pages section 8.

One option in addition to using -g to include snippet from the manual page
-P pm_rdisc on the command line or pm_rdisc in the /etc/gateways file.

I think this is what you are looking for either use the -P pm_rdisc or just add pm_rdisc into the gateways file.

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auscomAuthor Commented:
Ah I was thrown off a little bit from the manual, the description of pm_rdisc refers to broadcasting a default route for RIPv1 and I did not try playing with this switch.

This with a combination of an outbound NAT entry and internet traffic is now flowing as it should.

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