Restarting DNS server allows browsing again!

I have a Server 2008 domain controller with Virgin fibre as the internet provider. Lately they have been losing webpage access from time to time (RDP, Office 365 still connect so it is just the abilty to browse webpages).
The Virgin hub is set to modem mode and is connected to a Draytek 2820 which has the latest firmware. As a test last time they lost webpage access I remoted in and restarted the DNS server on the Server 2008 box and that fixed the problem (for now).
I cant see anything in the event viewer that points to a DNS issue - does anyone have any advise on this problem so that a permantent fix can be made?
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There can be situations like that when a service is not working properly. There are the latest updates installed? If not, this  is a common case for your issue - no errors but restart resolving the issue.

I had one situation when after the installation of updates, the errors starts to appear :)

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Next time you have the problem issue the commands:

     nslookup "hostname"

Where "hostname" is a host name that is internal to your network and see what happens.
activateahsdAuthor Commented:
looks like the updates have fixed the problem. thanks
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