Xubuntu Linux Active Directory Login with Likewise


I have an issue where we need a school to have Xubuntu to authenticate against active directory.  I have installed likewise and the Netbook is able to join the domain.  When I open active directory I see that the Netbook is on the domain.

When I choose to login with my domain\username and password it authenticates and then it automatically logs me off.  When go to the home folders I see that there is a Likewise folder and within that I see my domain user.

If I try to log in from the terminal using su - domainname\\username and my password then it works

I am not sure what I am doing wrong it seems that everything should work

Thank you for your help in advance
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thomasm1948Author Commented:
I reviewing the logs and this is what I found this

[+947.59s] DEBUG: Session pid=5453: Authentication complete with return value 0: Success
[+947.59s] DEBUG: Session pid=5340: Authenticate result for user twhite: Success
[+947.59s] DEBUG: Session pid=5340: User twhite authorized
[+947.59s] DEBUG: Session pid=5340: Greeter sets language en_US
[+947.60s] DEBUG: Session pid=5340: Greeter requests session xubuntu
[+947.60s] DEBUG: Seat: Stopping greeter; display server will be re-used for user session
[+947.60s] DEBUG: Session pid=5340: Sending SIGTERM
[+947.70s] DEBUG: Session pid=5340: Exited with return value 0
[+947.70s] DEBUG: Seat: Session stopped
[+947.70s] DEBUG: Seat: Greeter stopped, running session
[+947.70s] DEBUG: Registering session with bus path /org/freedesktop/DisplayManager/Session5
[+947.72s] DEBUG: Session pid=5453: Running command /usr/sbin/lightdm-session startxfce4
[+947.72s] DEBUG: Creating shared data directory /var/lib/lightdm-data/twhite
[+947.72s] DEBUG: Session pid=5453: Logging to .xsession-errors
[+947.79s] DEBUG: Activating VT 7
[+948.84s] DEBUG: Session pid=5453: Exited with return value 0
[+948.84s] DEBUG: Seat: Session stopped
[+948.84s] DEBUG: Seat: Stopping display server, no sessions require it
thomasm1948Author Commented:
here is additional log information

+3006.39s] DEBUG: Session pid=9802: Running command /usr/sbin/lightdm-session startxfce4
[+3006.40s] DEBUG: Creating shared data directory /var/lib/lightdm-data/twhite
[+3006.40s] DEBUG: Session pid=9802: Logging to .xsession-errors

when I view the .xsession-errors I see:

openConnection: connect: No such file or directory
cannot connect to brltty at :0
Script for none started at run_im.
Script for auto started at run_im.
Script for default started at run_im.
/usr/sbin/lightdm-session: 5: exec: init: not found
thomasm1948Author Commented:
I found the solution

I had to modify /etc/pam.d/common-session and replace the following:

session sufficient pam_lsass.so


session [success=ok default=ignore] pam_lsass.so

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thomasm1948Author Commented:
I found my own solution
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