Cisco ASA 5505 - new ISP - Update IP details

Hi there,we have a new internet line being installed, infact the router has been setup and works but it hasnt been connected to our network yet. The main reason is we have a Cisco ASA 5505 which the old router plugs into.

There is a new external IP and subnet so im guessing this is all that needs to be updated on the Cisco ASA 5505 but im lost when it comes to cisco telnet commands.

I have logged into the ASA using a console cable but dont know how to check the current setup of port 0 and then update it with the new ISP details,

Port 1 is for one vlan and port 2 is for another.

Hope you can help

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Evan HinesCommented:
see if you can browse to the inside ip address and download the cisco asdm I believe its called this will make your life a ton less stressful when it comes to editing the firewall.
DavidAuthor Commented:
hi there, i tried that but no luck it seems the asdm is not gui enabled.

I did try to enable it but got a message as follows

WARNING: IP address <> and netmask <> inconsistent
Evan HinesCommented:
hmmm whats the version on your asa?
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DavidAuthor Commented:
im not 100% sure but it has a label on the bottom 7/2012
Evan HinesCommented:
ciscoasa> show version
Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance Software Version 8.2(1)11
Evan HinesCommented:
this is straight from cisco:

For example, to enable the HTTPS server and let a host on the inside interface with an address of access ASDM, enter the following commands:

 hostname(config)# crypto key generate rsa modulus 1024
 hostname(config)# write mem
 hostname(config)# http server enable
 hostname(config)# http inside
To allow all users on the network to access ASDM on the inside interface, enter the following command:

 hostname(config)# http inside

also keep in mind the default port I believe is 444 so as an example
DavidAuthor Commented:
Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance Software Version 8.4(4)1
Device Manager Version 6.4(9)
DavidAuthor Commented:
if i were to follow you suggested commands, should i replace the above IPs with as that i assume its its IP
Evan HinesCommented:
yea whatever the internal ip of your asa is.
DavidAuthor Commented:
When i tried that before i got the following

Gatekeeper(config)# http server enable
Gatekeeper(config)# http inside
WARNING: IP address <> and netmask <> inconsistent
Evan HinesCommented:
needs to be : http inside this indicates the network you are accessing it from, and not the device you are trying to access.

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DavidAuthor Commented:
ahhh i see, thanks ive got the page up now,

Do you know by any chance what the username and password is, its not the console password?
Evan HinesCommented:
try no username with the password cisco
Evan HinesCommented:
may also be able to create a user this way:

hostname(config)# username name password password
 example:  hostname(config)# username ehines password wh0l3tTh3D0gs0ut
DavidAuthor Commented:
great im in with the telnet password and no user name, thank you

Quick quest regarding the new interface, Where would i enter DNS IP details?
Evan HinesCommented:
for your new isp?
Evan HinesCommented:
p.s. don't forget to write mem again too if you haven't already
Evan HinesCommented:
in asdm I think its under configuration>device setup>interfaces
Evan HinesCommented:
there are also wizard tabs up on top to make things a little more palatable.
DavidAuthor Commented:
yes you were right, i didnt see the additional menus at the bottom. You have been a great  help!! thank you very much!! all sorted
Evan HinesCommented:
good to hear no problem I had to learn it the hard way lol I didn't know initially they had asdm, but glad I was able to point you in the right direction.
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