Excel CELL Formatting

I want to convert all cells in column A to TEXT
So that in column B I should have only ERRORS (since B = A + 1) (and I cannot add a number to TEXT data like in line 1)

I tried to add an " ' " leading content of cells in A but B still thinks is it a number since the result is not an error

What do I have to format cell in A ?

Thank you
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what is the purpose here.   the cell in there is already text.  if you put the formula =text(a3)  the result will be true
Saurabh Singh TeotiaCommented:
Use this formula



="'" & a2

Drag this.. It will convert your values to text..


no matter what you do,  whether you add an apostrophe or add with "" or you change format with =text(a2,"@"

in all cases you the + math operation will add the value.

the only workaround i can see here is using the formula like this  =a3&char(160)  then will do the job and you will get Error if you sum anything with this data. see attached file.
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gadsadAuthor Commented:
The problem is that importing these cells to an external accounting program all leading 0 are wiped out (00840 becomes 840 for example). SO I have to tell this accounting program that these are Text values in Excel and leading 0 should stay in import process

with using the method of =a3&char(160)  no zero value will be removed.

i simply used it in your file previously attached and you can see leading zeros are still there
gadsadAuthor Commented:
You are right with a3&char(160) and then converting the result of the formula to value (copy + special paste = value) it works and the formula A3+1 return and error. It will try in the accounting software if zero stay while importing

What does the formula  a3&char(160) does exactly ?

Char(160)  in reality is as if you press ALT ENTER
you could also use =a3&Char(10)  it will give the same result
gadsadAuthor Commented:
And what is ALT ENTER in Excel? why it works?
ALT Enter is a line break like other special characters.

open a notepad and then press ALT ENTER and see what happens that is called Alt Enter

why it works, because math operation does not recognise it as number

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gadsadAuthor Commented:
ok thank you
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