vmware server and desktop best practices

Aside from making sure the vms have updated tools and hardware...

Are there any other settings that would eliminate CPU\memory overhead.

I know realtime scanning might be an issue...

Any exclusions? for both server\desktop?

Any TCP/IP tweaking when running ESXi 5.5 within the virtual machines
Screen savers, power options..

I seen some people indicate to disabletaskoffload, enable tcpchimney and enable TCPA and Enable RSS
While others disable... any performance gain one way or another

Any other tweaks? alot of VMS and its causing overhead and pegging, so we need to tweak something, without adding host at this time.

So feel free to list all the tweaks done to a virtual machine (server/desktop) alike.

All operating systems is some flavor of windows.
Desktop = Windows 7
Server, 2003, 2008, 2012

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Do not fix before it is broken....
Aaron TomoskyDirector of Solutions ConsultingCommented:
Disable CPU and memory hot add. Remove floppy drives and any other unused hardware. Reduce video ram as low as allows the resolution you need.

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Without performance graphs from vmware client or esxtop it is hard to guess if you run short in CPU, RAM or IOPS....
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Don't over allocate vCPU's. To many can cause worse performance than help
Sounds like RAM is being overallocated.... But no material confirmation...
IndyrbAuthor Commented:
Seems quit hairy but there is more to the equation

We have XenDesktop 5.6

Our VMtools are outdated, along with VM hardware...

For some reason the graphics go to 640x480 if you don't do it correctly

Also the VDI hass a class PDD
and a vmdk NTFS

Inside the VMDK (OS) is a windows vhd drive X:
This houses all the user data, home drive, profile and etc.

We need to move away from this, using folder redirection, profile, and etc Citrix profile management

What are the GPO settings we need to make this happen to point to a file server, and eliminate the Current VHD inside the VM persistent

Along with that there seems to be issues with loading the vmtools, hardware, and XENDESKtop tools
What is the correct order? seems grpahics don't play nice

Along with folder redirection, domain/forest functionality is Windows 2003, and unfortunately we can update this to 2008 -2012 yet.

we need vda agent to work and update.
also want to change pdd to classic amd transition the volumes to the file server for all user content.
windows 7-2008-2012 users documents and settings and etc. while legacy Oses use something different, need to get all of the Oses.

Also we will be udating to Xendesktop 7.6

xendesktop 7.6 agent
vm hardware?

folder redirection

some of the stuff isn't moving over.

need to lower density of the VM.
When you say lower density of VM are you referring to the number of VM or the size of each VM?
IndyrbAuthor Commented:
size of each VM, but also consendering all the project and what is best update plan and course of action
How many GB out of how many on the host is allocated to virtual machines?
You mentioned you are looking at folder redirection. Please see the following article.

Also you many want to look into an agent less AV scanning solution like McAfee' M.O.V.E. When you have an agent installed in each VDI you end up with DAT update storms.... Just a suggestion

Also  VDI is very IO intensive so make sure you storage is up to the task and scaled properly. We use SSD / flash storage for our VDI environment because of the IO requirements
IndyrbAuthor Commented:
What about with Citrix?
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