Xenapp and Reciever 4.2


Perhaps some of you already have run into this problem and hopefully solutions.


- Xenapp 6.0 Farm and Xenapp servers (windows 2008 r2)
- CSG 3.2 used for login from web browsers externally outside from WAN
- Web interface 5.4 internally  when you are logged in to Xenapp server, to resolve your apps - same LAN

Problem: Upgraded from Online plugin to Receiver 4.2 on Xenapp server where users run full desktop and expect to get their app icons. However now after upgrade to Receiver user credentials are no longer passed to the receiver, and therefore no icons appear. Users still logon ok to the Xenapp Desktop from WAN, but no icons. So the WI does need some tweaking and/or the Reciever or something else.

Anyone have a solution how to fix? Tried to run this http://support.citrix.com/article/CTX134280, but that does not do it.


regards joe
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It appears that CSG is no longer supported with Receiver v4.2.  http://support.citrix.com/proddocs/topic/receiver-windows-42/receiver-windows-sys-reqs-42.html

It's a shame because CSG is sooooo easy to use compared with NetScaler Gateway.
The CSG will work with 4.2, it's just not supported. :-) I'm using it myself.

The key point is that 4.2 doesn't create shortcuts the same way that the old 3.x Enterprise receivers do.
However ---- 4.2.100 (brand new) DOES support this.

The other key to this is that 4.x receivers do NOT support passthrough authentication with WI.  They can support saving your password.  

If you want passthrough, you have to move to StoreFront, which means you would lose the ability to use CSG's and you'd have to switch to Netscalers.  You can get a free Netscaler VPX to do ICA Proxy only.  

I would also recommend upgrading your CSG to 3.3.3 (most current version).

joebilekAuthor Commented:
Hi Coralon.


Ok, so I just recap for my mind.

1) We would like to not switch from CSG right now if possible. So this means that with 4.2.100 we could get shortcuts populated on the Xenapp Desktop.

2) But, we cannot get Passthrough, and I guess thats the way our Online Plugin gets the shortcuts put on the desktop today on the "inside"? We use the CSG to login from WAN, but a separate WI server on the inside that has pass-thru for the xenapp servers/online plugin to populate shortcuts?

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joebilekAuthor Commented:
Oh and one more though. Theres no way we could continue to have CSG on the outside for WAN auth, and then Storefront server on the inside to replace the WI server? :)
If you want to keep the inside users getting automatic shortcuts, you could keep your WI servers internally, and use Receiver 3.4 CU4 Enterprise to create your shortcuts AND do passthrough authentication.  It is still fully supported by Citrix and works just fine, and of course you get to keep using your CSG.

And you are correct, you cannot keep the CSG and use Receiver 4.x AND get passthrough.  The passthrough really isn't too big a deal if people don't mind signing in once.  You let them save their passwords, and from that point on, it will be stored in their profile, so they'd only have to update them when they change their password.  

The other design consideration would be storefront servers internally, then you would get your passthrough and shortcuts with 4.2.100.  Then you could keep some WI servers in your DMZ, along with CSGs for your external users. You wouldn't want passthrough externally.

And as a side note, you can put your CSG & WI on the same box with some careful configuration, and keep it extremely secure.


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joebilekAuthor Commented:

Thanks a lot.

To be more precise the core reason for all of this is that we have printing problems on Xenapp servers. Citrix as you know dont do printing very well when multiple drivers are installed so we drop printers etc. And their only recommendation was togo latest receiver version.

I've not really had many problems having a number of drivers on the same server.. but it is important to watch for compatibility issues, etc.  (Things like making sure you don't install a driver that overwrites one of the files from a newer driver, etc.).

The way to guarantee you won't have the kind problem is to go to straight client-side printing only using the universal print driver.

Good luck, and don't forget to award points :-)

joebilekAuthor Commented:

Yes, I think we have to many different drivers. Gonna look at Tricerat Simplified Printing today, seems they have solution for this.
triCerat works very well.  We used to sell it, and I've consulted at many places that use it very succesfully.

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