Adjust Contact Names & Numbers In Iphone 4s

i have iphone 4s , my contact list is around 700 items
i want to do the following :
1- edit the names to arabic language
2-edit phone numbers to have country code , in purpose to use it outside the country

any way can do it easily instead of editiing them one by one
such like exporting them to excell sheet , adjust there , then overwrite in the iphone
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Marwan OsmanCommented:
change the name to Arabic by editing them will be done manually for each contact, regarding the prefix code, you can export the contact into an excel sheet and add the code once for all, then re-import them to your iphone
NiceMan331Author Commented:
change the name to Arabic by editing them will be done manually for each contact
this is very difficult , why not use this way :
you can export the contact into an excel sheet and add the code once for all, then re-import them to your iphone
and what is the steps ?
Marwan OsmanCommented:
Select all numbers , right click, cell formats, from there you would be able to add a number as prefix and it will apply to all of the numbers
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NiceMan331Author Commented:
i'm not asking how to do it in excell
i'm asking what is the steps starting my iphone ending my iphone
Marwan OsmanCommented:
NiceMan331Author Commented:
With incomplete answer , I cannot go ahead , please any other expert write me step by step how to do it till it's been updated in my contacts of my iPhone ?
What do you mean by "edit the names to arabic language"? Can you give an example name?

For example, if you have the name "Joe Smith" as a contact, what "arabic language" edit do you want to make to it?

For using the phone out of the country, depending on your carrier, the iPhone may have a built-in feature for automatically adding the country code:
AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint customers can enable Settings > Phone > Dial Assist to automatically add the correct international prefix when dialing from abroad. If you encounter issues sending SMS/MMS or making calls while traveling abroad, try disabling International Assist to resolve your issue.
NiceMan331Author Commented:
For converting names from English to Arabic I think this will done manually not by translation , I can do it manually but I want to do it through excell sheet to easily edit , where it is very difficult to adjust them one by one in my iPhone ,
If you can connect your iPhone to a PC, you can use CopyTrans Contacts to export to Excel, and then import again after you're done editing:

Export to Excel:

Import from Excel to iPhone:

Note that according to this site, the free trial of CopyTrans Contacts only allows 50 actions before you have to purchase and register. If you just to the export and import though, and do all the editing in Excel, this should be less than 50 actions.

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NiceMan331Author Commented:
i didn't find perfect solution to add international codes to my contacts
Were you able to export to Excel, like you asked, using the suggestion in my previous post?
NiceMan331Author Commented:
No I not try it , you said it is possible for only 50 transactions , while I have more than 700 contacts
Exporting all contacts should be one "action" in the software, it shouldn't count each contact as a separate action. As long as you export to Excel, do all your editing in Excel, and then import the Excel sheet, you shouldn't run out of free actions.

You can also get some additional free actions by sharing the program on social media platforms:
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